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Man Says 'I Don't Like Your Lie in April', Is Assaulted

Your Lie in April is objectively speaking the greatest thing to exist ever according to Time Magazine*, stealing the award from the previous title-holder, the Big Bang. However, even in this shining state of preeminence some find their satisfaction in false gods.

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“Eh, it’s not that great,” one man, known to Ani-TAY under the username Stranger, told me when I asked. “I only got to like episode 2.”


After being asked why he dropped such a magnificent show, he replied that, “I don’t really enjoy shows that are sad just for the sake of it-”

However, before he could finish, a bystander that was most definitely not this reporter clubbed him over the head with a camera definitely not belonging to this reporter. Within minutes, an ambulance arrived on the scene and delivered the poor man to the hospital.


“We are all praying for him,” mdubs told me through email. “I’ve already sent the official North American release of Your Lie in April’s manga to him, and I wish him a speedy recovery from his ignorance.”

“What about the physical injury?” I inquired.

“That comes second, what’s important is that he first lives a fulfilling life.” mdubs replied. “Now if you don’t mind, Kei and I were about to go grab lunch.”


Stranger was admitted to the hospital in a two person room, and the second tenant is a young girl named Kaoru, a once up-and-coming violinist who unfortunately no longer has the physical ability to play.

“I hope that he gets better,” she told me, “But I could say the same for myself. I just need to play on stage with my friend Kousai one more time.”


“I don’t like my roommate much,” Stranger said later, “She looks like she’s having too much fun over there and I’m not really into things that are sad just for the sake of-”

Unfortunately, he was unable to finish his sentence due to complications that would later be described as ‘a blow to the head from a deranged pseudo-journalist’. I wasn’t able to catch the perpetrator, but I assure you that my journalistic integrity is my number one priority.


Well, until next time guys. Don’t be a Stranger.

* - not really, but it should

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