Damn it Concrete Revolutio, you’re making mine and Kikko’s brain hurt. Stop it. Concrete has its worst episode since whatever the first one was trying to do. Timeline for 1-10 ahead.

Concrete Revolutio finally gives us, in a show completely filled with time skips, the time traveling episode! Full disclosure, I really dislike time-traveling as a narrative trick because it needlessly confuses everything about the story. This will easily be my worst write-up of any Concrete episode. Episode 10 was all about Mr. Jaguar who is actually from the 25th Century, where there are no superhumans (This is mentioned TWICE yet he’s still a superhuman/jaguar when he goes back in time? Time travel is bad and you should feel bad Concrete) We have lots of versions of Mr. Jaguar, though the main ones are one who is immediately captured by Kikko for incompetence, the evil one in the IQ, and the one we’ve known all series. The IQ have been specializing in assassinating, which given the time period, I would venture an amateur’s guess at being Che Guevara, JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. A fourth Mr. Jaguar tries to stop the IQ one, but can’t because of a time paradox where if he killed the younger version, the older one wouldn’t exist. So the Mr. Jaguar we know created the Superhuman Bureau with Chief Akita and Jiro’s dad/Doctor. Yet, he can only stay in this time period for one week, which only brings up more questions for me. Is he continuously going back in time to keep the Bureau going? Did he surpass the one week time period somehow? None of which is explained when he returns to the 25th Century at the end of the episode. We can’t change the past, but now, based on that future girl’s smile, superhumans exist when they didn’t before? In the final encounter between IQ Jaguar and familiar Jaguar, time is stopped by familiar Jaguar, but IQ Jaguar isn’t stopped? Can all Time Police people monkey around in time when one of them stops time for all of us normals? Leave it to Kikko to have the only somewhat believable explanation for Mr. Jaguar in this whole episode. And yet still requires me to believe that the Doctor took a cursory glance at Jaguar’s time watch, and freaking understood Time Travel instantly???? Time Paradoxes! .....Sigh

In terms of the overall narrative, nothing was accomplished this episode. Mr. Jaguar was also the one who built Equus for Jiro, though a time stamp is never shown for this detail. Considering the bulk of this episode is in the 43rd year, I am guessing this is between January-July of the 41st year after the first Grosse Augen encounter. Other than that, this was the most disappointing episode of Concrete Revolutio for me. We still have no idea about anything to do with Scarf Jiro, or his eventual split from the Bureau. Emi and Jiro are super close, but we’ve got next to nothing on their past together, or their future. When did Jaguar help form the Bureau? No time stamp there. Next episode promises the return of Angel Stars from Episode 6 and the Mountain Horses, and the robot detective Raito. I’ve been overly negative this week, but the end of the cour is nigh, and Concrete really needs to start focusing instead of giving us these episodic superhuman stories, which don’t move the needle beyond a micro-fraction.

14th of Shinka Era: Gigantopitecus Gigantus found on an island in the Indian Ocean. (Episode 4)


December, 16 of Shinka Era: Americans capture an immortal superhero (later determined to be Minoru Hatekayama of the Immortal Family) during the War (Episode 9)

17th of Shinka Era: US Army brings Superhumans to fight the giant beast. (Episode 4)


19th of Shinka Era: An unspecified war ends. (Episode 1)

29th of Shinka Era: In Tokyo, the doctor finds Emi and a naked Jiro (without left arms locks!) on a bridge after a beast attack. (Episode 4)

January, 34th of Shinka Era: Hiroyuki, the homeless boy, finds the baby Gagon.(Episode 4) At the same time, Jiro’s first encounter with GigantoGon and is saved by Rainbow Knight. (Episode 5, Episode 8)


March, 38th of Shinka Era: Daitetsu Maki incident, Rainbow Knight’s cover is blown and he dies. (Episode 8)

July, 40th of Shinka Era: Judas and the Diamond Eaters. Earth-chan comes and battles Judas. (Episode 7)


Januray, 41st of Shinka Era: The Bureau encounters Gross Augen for the first time. Earliest appearance of Jiro with the locks and bandages on so far. (Episode 4)

June 30, 41st of Shinka Era: Mountain Horses claim this is when they received their superhuman status at the Nippon Budokan. (Episode 6)


July, 41st of Shinka Era: Kikko joins the Bureau, Gross Augen leaves Earth. (Episode 1)

August, 41st of Shinka Era: Fuuruota joins the Bureau, and stops the bug species. (Episode 2)

August-November, 41st of Shinka Era: Beasts begin attacking and many Superhumans appear to defeat them. (Episode 4).


November, 41st of Shinka Era: Kikko and Jiro meet with Beastly Radio Wave. (Episode 4)

February, 42nd of Shinka Era: The robot detective and the female robot incident. (Episode 3)


April, 42nd of Shinka Era: Master Ultima returns from Mars. Beastly Radio Wave is exposed, Jiro activates his locks. (Episode 4)

July, 42nd of Shinka Era: Diving to find the released US Beast. (Episode 5)

June-August (Summer), 42nd of Shinka Era: Earth-chan stops Master Ultima from visiting Japan with his alien beasts. (Episode 7)


August, 42nd of Shinka Era: MegaGon with the Peace Movement. MegaGon goes wild and is stopped by Jiro. (Episode 5)

September, 42nd of Shinka Era: Explosion at the factory. The Immortal Family first investigated by the Bureau. (Episode 9)


October, 42nd of Shinka Era: Fuuruota joins the Mountain Horses as help. (Episode 6). At the same time, Emi meets with Ullr; Kikko and Judas battle Earth-chan and their conflicting ideologies. (Episode 7)

November, 42nd of Shinka Era: Angel Stars have their TV debut. Police and Public Security have endorsed Super Humans, while studying Superhuman Suppression drug, Neynorine. (Episode 6)


January, 43rd of Shinka Era: The BL Clan are asked to protect an artifact from The Eye of Lucifer. BL Clan leader revealed to be Daitetsu Maki. (Episode 8)

April, 43rd of Shinka Era: Mr. Jaguar fights the IQ and becomes a time paradox, proving his existence. (Episode 10)


Early 44th of Shinka Era: Beast attacks and the craze over Beasts dies down. (Episode 5)

September, 44th of Shinka Era: Surveillance began on the Immortal Family. Battle between the Immortal Family and the American “Transformer”. Jiro’s not with the Bureau anymore. (Episode 9)


October, 44th of Shinka Era: At the Mountain Horses show, Jiro meets with Furuuota to discuss returning to the Bureau, but Jiro refuses. Up to this point, Jiro is sans scarf. (Episode 6)

45th of Shinka Era: Osaka Earth Expo mentioned. (Episode 6)


April, 46th of Shinka Era: Kikko finds and chases down Scarf Jiro. Scarf Jiro refuses to return to the Bureau. (Episode 1)

February, 47th of Shinka Era: Male robot returns to Japan. Robot detective is disillusioned with Japan, fights Scarf Jiro. (Episode 3)

April, 47th of Shinka Era: Scarf Jiro and Judas break into Ikuta Laboratory to find Earth-chan. (Episode 7)


October, 47th of Shinka Era: Scarf Jiro and Earth Chan encounter Hyouma and Daitetsu Maki (Episode 8)

August, 48th of Shinka Era: The bug queen confronts Fuuruota. Scarf Jiro emerges to calm the bug queen and comforts Fuuruota. (Episode 2)


25th Century: Jaguar goes back in time to stop the Advocates of Free History. (Episode 10)

And that’s where we are at so far in Concrete Revolutio. Let me know if I’ve made a mistake somewhere!


Thank you Federico for the Images!