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So, you didn't get that anime reviewer job? No Worries! You can make money writing about anime and manga on Ani-TAY through Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing is a way companies can sell its products or services through blogs willing to link to those products and services. For instance, a post about Crunchyroll might include a specially coded link to Crunchyroll. The content writer would earn a commission if a viewer clicks that link or subscribes to the service through that link. A blogger would have to sign up for the affiliate program with the company beforehand. Not any old link will do.

Though Kinja doesn't have a formal way to monetize your content, Kinja's Terms of Use does not disallow the use of Affiliate Marketing in your posts.


Here's an excerpt:


You may see advertising in and around Kinja. In each of these cases, we aim to respect your copyright and privacy and ensure you have an uncluttered experience. Examples include:

  • We will insert ads in and around the Kinja platform and content experience where it makes sense, however, we will not place any ads on your blog
  • We will insert affiliate links into your content where it makes sense, however, if you insert your own affiliate codes then we won't remove them
  • Your content may be used in ads with full credit and link back to you

For those interested in monetizing their content, here's a small list of affiliate programs to get you started.


Affiliate Programs:



Anime Network




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