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Macross Delta is getting an Anime movie!

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In commemoration of the 35th year of the franchise

During the Rock in Japan Fetsival 2017, the Idol Group Walküre has revealed that a new Anime movie based on the series “Macross Delta” is in the works, this is in celebration for the 35th anniversary of the franchise.


At the same time other things like a new Anime to be released on 2018, alongside Virtual Reality projects and other stuff are being prepared for such celebration.


Most likely, and this is especulation from my part, the movie will be a retelling of the original Anime, still Let´s hope that this works fixes some problems that the anime had like the abrupt end or the fact that some characters were in truth just glorified extras (Chuck)... And my fanboy side wishes that (Best Grill) Mirage gets a new opportunity.



In any case remember the De-Culture!

Via: Anime News Network

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