Right, so I honestly have no real excuses for why this particular unboxing article is more than two months late. Between a combination of just being too busy some weeks and being too apathetic other weeks, the creation of this article was long in the making. Even more unexescuable however is how, somehow in that more than two month span, I didn’t get lapped and ended up with a backlog of unboxing articles to do! That’s right, in the more than two months that I’ve had this freaking crate, I’ve yet to receive another crate! For some reason or another, they kept pushing back the shipment of the follow up crate to this.

Anyways, with that out of the way, this crate’s theme is Tech, and as you can probably guess, that means this will be filled with items from tech-heavy franchises. Specifically the return of Psycho-Pass and the ever-trolling to Macross fans Robotech, as well as Astro Boy and Battle Angel Alita(obviously meant as a tie in for the at the time upcoming summer film). Like always, let’s get started with the box:


Not a bad sized box, if I may say so. Means we’ll be getting at least one big item. Now for the inside flap:

Well, it is very spacey looking. Most likely because of Robotech’s inclusion. Wasn’t really what I was expecting, though, given the last crate, their first crate in the post-Yume as the crate image world, had the box based around Danmachi, the same series they used for both the crate’s theme image as well as its included poster. So I was fully expecting this to be a Psycho-Pass box on the inside. Oh well.

The first item is:


As you can probably tell from the box, this is a figure of Astro Boy that supposedly lights up.

What it looks like outside of the box:


Ok, I’ll admit, this is pretty damn cool. It is pretty solid, and I am a damn sucker for figures of robots and mechs that give us an “inside look”. I don’t know how well it lights up, because it didn’t come with batteries, and I don’t exactly use that many items that run on AA batteries, either.

The second item is:


It’s a Psycho-Pass shirt with an outline of a Dominator on it. It’s not too bad. By Loot Anime standards, it is actually pretty damn minimalist. I actually like the touch of the Dominator being off to the side too. I don’t really know why just that I do.

The third item is:


It’s the first volume of the Battle Angel Alita manga! Not bad at all. I’ve always only had a passing familiarity with the franchise, so I am pretty happy to get this, so I at least have some vague idea of what to expect when I see the movie later this year.

The fourth item is:


It’s a Robotech beanie. Cool. It’s not the worst looking beanie I’ve ever owned, at least. I like the shade of yellow used, at least.

The requisite metal pin:


It’s a pin of the cover art for some...thing called Infinite Dendrogram, that I never heard of at all, but looking it up reveals something that looks like yet another generic fantasy-tech light novel. So....hurray for its fans?

The requisite poster:


Ok, this, this is nice. I really like this Astro Boy poster.

And the inside of the box:


More space stuff. Well, ok, then.

So yeah, not a terrible crate. I liked just about everything in here, actually. I could take or leave the Robotech beanie, though, and the clear highlights are definitely the two Astro Boy items. Still, with the much-delayed follow up crate supposedly arriving soon, I finally had an excuse to kick this article out the door. Speaking of said crate, its theme is Brave and I guess it deals with characters who have to act bravely in the face of danger or something?


The included series that I know of are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Assassination Classroom, and Fairy Tail, all three of which are making their second appearances in Loot Anime. I wish I could say I am hopeful for this crate, but due to the delays, and specifically the stated reasons for the delays(that they kept having issues acquiring one of the included items), the odds are stacked against it. There’s just too many expectations to overcome. I guess we’ll find out shortly, so until next time!

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