I know, I know, this one is incredibly late(as in about a month late), sorry about that. Just been difficult to find the time to fit in even simple articles like these ones. Anyways, moving on from the pity party, you’ll notice that for the first time in my series of Loot Anime unboxings, the header image doesn’t feature the service’s mascot character, Yume.

Well that’s not my fault(I would never willingly use Hestia as a header image if I had the choice in the matter). I just use an edited down version of the official image for the crate that Loot Anime releases, so they are the ones moving away from Yume. Considering the official images they’ve released for the next two crates after this one, this trend seems to be their plan going forward, which is kinda sad because I really like Yume.

Getting back on track, this crate’s theme is Game On! and deals with franchises with ties to video games, either being based on games, having games based on the series, having game-like mechanics in the show, or are just games often associated with otaku culture. The four represented series this time are Steins;Gate, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Memoria Freese, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Sonic the Hedgehog. This marks the second appearances for Steins;Gate and Is Ir Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Like always, let’s get started with the box:

Doesn’t seem too unusual, maybe a little bit taller than standard. Now for the inside flap:


Oh...oh we’re doing this now...

Well ok, then. So as you can see, it would appear even the inside of the boxes will be themed officially around one of the included series, most likely will always be the series represented in the official crate image.

The first item is:


It’s....a freaking Shadow the Hedgehog figure....

What it looks outside the box:


I mean as just a figure in and of itself, it’s pretty great quality. The problem is, it’s a god damn figure of god damn Shadow the god damn Hedgehog! There are several other Sonic characters I’d rather have a figure of. Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, Rouge the Bat for fuck’s sakes, or you know, the freaking titular character himself. Shadow is far, far down on the list of Sonic characters I want merch of. So great quality, shit character.

The second item is:


A pretty nice cream-colored Steins;Gate shirt. It was nice getting this shirt so close to the airing of the Steins;Gate 0 anime. Steins;Gate is one of my favorite anime/game properties, so its item was always going to likely be the highlight of this crate for me.

The third item is:


The first volume of the Final Fantasy Type-0 manga. Never played Type-0, so don’t particularly care for this one. It comes with a poster version of the cover art on the volume, for what that is worth.

The fourth item is:


So, all those clear marketing push, and Danmachi’s second appearance results in its item yet again being a pin(or in this case two pins). Somehow they’ve regressed on the pins too, because the first Danmachi pin we got was this cute little pin of the skull that appears in the series’s title/logo. Here we get not-quite-chibi versions of Bell and Hestia, which I think is how they look during the gameplay of Memoria Freese. Anyways these pins do have an additional purpose of giving you free additional loot over the course of a span of time, but I don’t know what that is, so that doesn’t exactly improve this item for me.

Since we no longer appear to be getting phone charms, I’ll begin sharing what the poster included in the crate looks like, as it is actually a pretty nice poster for Memoria Freese based on the official promo image for the game:


Somehow this is the better Danmachi item in this crate, and this is basically just a free toss in repurposing an item I previously didn’t bother covering.

Oh yes and the inside of the box:


So yeah the box is pretty meh now.

This is kind of a baffling crate. You have the massive marketing push based around Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, and the actual included item is, well it’s alright, but gets trumped by essentially a free bonus item. We got a really well made figure of one of Sonic the Hedgehog’s lamest characters, and we got a manga adaptation of a game who many people only bought the HD version of because it was released at a time where there were barely any JRPGs on the PS4/Xbone. Really the only item I flat out love is the Steins;Gate shirt. Otherwise this was a pretty rough crate. Hopefully the next crate, which fingers crossed should be arriving within the next two weeks, will be much needed improvement.

The next crate’s theme is Tech and features items from the Psycho-Pass, Astro Boy, Robotech, and Battle Angel Alita(one guess as to why they are including this one) franchises. For Psycho-Pass and Robotech, this will be their second appearances. Their prior appearances resulted in some sweet gear. For Psycho-Pass it was a great Dominator-themed USB drive and for Robotech it was a nice light up standee of one of the mechs. So needless to say I have great expectations for this crate. For what it is worth the official image for this crate features Psycho-Pass, so I am expecting the box and poster to be Psycho-Pass themed as well. This should just about wrap things up, so until next time!