It’s time to kick off my second year of Loot Anime unboxing articles and Loot Anime’s third overall year! This crate’s theme is Besties and revolves around series with strong themes of friendship. The included series are The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, K-On!, and Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion-. K-On! is the only newcomer to Loot Anime, with all of the other franchises making their second appearances. With what looks to be a potentially stellar lineup let’s see what’s in store, first starting with the box:

There isn’t really anything of note about the box, at least on the outside, this month. Now for the inside flap:

It looks like some kind of pink, swirling vortex distorting the area around it. Pretty neat.


The first item is:

It is a prize figure of Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica! I notice from the box that this figure comes in a set with a figure of Homura Akemi, and frankly I’d rather have the Homura figure if given the option, since Homura is my favorite Madoka character, but still, getting Madoka merch is always a great time.


As for what the figure looks like out of the box:

This...this is good. This is damn good. Easily Top 3 figures they’ve included in Loot Anime good. This is one of those rare prize figures where the detailing far exceeds the expectations for its cheap price point. It was also insanely easy to put together and attach to its base without any issues. Through Loot Anime in the last few months alone I’ve gained more anime figures than I usually buy when I go to conventions. I like this. I like it a lot.


The second item is:

It’s a massive eraser molded to look like Hawk, the lovable talking pig from The Seven Deadly Sins! This little porker eraser is quite dense too, as it has some heft to it. It is just too adorable to use as an eraser though, so in its plastic prison it shall remain for it is too precious.


The third item is: was god damn unexpected! It is a $10 gift card good for VRV’s premium membership. That’s a month of VRV premium for free! That’s a pretty damn sweet bonus, if I may say so.


The fourth item is:

It’s the first volume of K-On!’s manga adaptation, with a variant cover showing us the core four main characters! K-On! is a nice, enjoyable series, so this is a rather nice thing to have.


The fifth item is:

It is some kind of bag featuring One Piece’s odd transforming reindeer Tony Tony Chopper. Let’s get a good look at this to see exactly what it is:


Ah, it is a drawstring bag. That’s nice. I’m definitely gonna get some use out of this, either as a convention bag or just as something to store all the various smaller knickknacks I’ve accumulated through Loot Anime.

The requisite phone charm:


Rather fitting for a crate whose theme is best friends, the phone charm this time around features Yume’s dear cat friend who has appeared a few times prior.

As for the box once folded inside-out:


In a nice touch, the pattern covers all of the sides, so the vortex in the middle is distorting the art on all four of the side panels.

Quite frankly this is probably their strongest overall crate in a long time. Every included item is phenomenal, or could be put to very good use, and on top of all that the crate gifted us with a bonus free month of VRV(sadly a bonus that only works in the US). This new year of Loot Anime unboxings has kicked off with one hell of a bang.

As for the next crate, its theme is Underdog and its included series are My Hero Academia, Saint Seiya, Black Clover making a second appearance insanely quickly(honestly seems to me like trying too hard to make Black Clover a thing despite the, let’s just say very divisive reception of the anime), and...Batman and the Justice League. Regarding that last one, before anyone goes, “What the hell?! That’s not anime or manga!”, actually it turns is. Batman and the Justice League is the name of a DC heroes-based manga series that recently started, so it technically counts. I honestly have no clue what to expect, especially since they dug up Saint Seiya, which I never expected. Guess we’ll just have to see, so until next time!