Well this unboxing is coming several weeks late. Not for anything wrong on Loot Anime’s part, either. I’ve just been extremely busy the last few weeks and much of my free time I could dedicate to making articles went to more important pursuits, so sorry about the wait. Anyways, this belated crate’s theme is Gods and Spirits and involves items from supernatural series, specifically JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mushi-Shi, and Noragami, as well as the artist Yoshitaka Amano, whose work has often had a horror or beautifully creepy aesthetic to it. So with all that out of the way, let’s get started with the box:

Physically speaking this is one of the biggest Loot Anime crated I’ve received, and for very good reason that you’ll soon see. Now for the inside flap:

Well now, this looks like the pages and cover for a book of spells. I wonder what that could mean...


The first item is:

It is a crate within a crate! Specifically it is a crate with a Mushi-Shi item in it! So what is within the crateception?


A pair of Mushi-Shi teacups with main character Ginko on them! They also have the series’ title on the opposite side. These are actually pretty damn nice little cups. My one wish is that this was the green drinking saucer from the series instead:


This way the item would still serve its main purpose of being a drinking apparatus while also being something significant to fans of the series. Nevertheless this is still a lovely item.

The second item is:


It is a big ass figure of Josuke Higashikata from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable! This bad boy is the reason the crate’s box is so damn big. This is to date the tallest figure to be included with Loot Anime. As for what it looks outside the box:

Looking sharp, boyo.

The third item is:


It is a miniature Amano art book. You just have to take my word for it since the book refused to stay open long enough to get a good picture, but the art inside is phenomenal and includes some of his work from Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, among other things.

The fourth item is:


So Noragami becomes the second series to earn the Loot Anime Triple Crown, and it does it...with a tiny ass metal pin...well ok then. Obviously due to both the badass JoJo’s figure and the Amano art book, something had to get the short end of the budgeting stick and so Noragami was the one picked to have the afterthought item. No big deal. We had some great Noragami items in the past so I can let this slide.

The requisite phone charm:


Well that’s adorable. Certainly one of my favorites of the recent Yume phone charms.

As for the box after being folded inside out:


Turns out it is actually three books instead of just one. Funnily enough this would have worked better with the previous crate as that one had Black Clover in it.

Overall, Noragami pin aside, this is a phenomenal crate. One of my personal favorites. While the Noragami pin is whatever, I absolutely love every other item included in this crate. This one was absolutely well worth the money spent on it.

Man can you guys believe I’ve been doing these unboxing articles for a full year? I stayed with last year’s Delicious crate, and here we are twelve months and crates later. So a bit of reflection on this year. For the most part, I’ve been enjoying it. Loot Anime really stepped it up in its second year of service after a rocky first year that saw both some great crates and some of the service’s weakest crates. Out of all of the crates I covered in this last year my favorite top to bottom absolutely still remains the Galaxy crate from December last year. Every item was spectacular or incredibly useful in a way the others haven’t quite matched yet.


As for the next crate which will kick off my second year of unboxing articles, its theme is Besties and revolves around series whose characters are really good friends. The four represented works are The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, K-On!, and Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion-. Funnily enough, K-On! aside, this is entirely a crate of repeat Loot Anime appearances. Seven Deadly Sins last appearing in the very first Loot Anime crate and Madoka Magica last appearing the second crate. Honestly I am looking forward to this one, and I promise to get this unboxing up on time, because otherwise I’ll have no time at all to do it as I’ll be swamped with my end of the year material. So until next time, folks!