Another month, another Loot Anime crate. This time around we have the Survive! crate. The theme of this crate revolves around series where characters have to survive constant peril. The series represented in this month’s crate are Death Note, Deadman Wonderland, Black Clover, and Naruto Shippuden making its third appearance and thus becoming the inaugural member of the Loot Anime Triple Crown club. I don’t really have much expectations for this particular crate from a represented series standpoint because I haven’t experienced either Deadman Wonderland or Black Clover, and don’t exactly have rosy relationships with Death Note or Naruto. With that all said, let’s get started with the box:

There’s nothing really of note regarding the box itself this time around. It seems to be the more or less standard Loot Anime box in terms of shape and size. Now for the inside flap:

It looks like a blood-covered medical kit. I’m going to hazard a guess that this folds into a blood-covered medical kit.


The first item is:

A Deadman Wonderland shirt. I don’t know much about Deadman Wonderland, but through both osmosis and just general references made to the series in other works I’ve experienced, I at least know the characters. It’s a nice design too, so I can imagine wearing this with some regularity.


The second item is:

It’s a prize figure of Sasuke from Naruto, doing....a rather odd pose. I honestly don’t know why Sasuke’s shirt is half open like that. I really...really don’t. So, what does he look like out of box?


It’s pretty decent. Wasn’t a hassle to put together. Compared to some of the other scale figures to come in Loot Anime, such as the Gintoki or Luffy figures, this isn’t as impressive, but it is still a pretty good display piece. I’m actually really glad Loot Anime’s been on this trend the last several months where they’ve included figures with the crates. I can only assume that on the feedback surveys from subscribers they’ve been requesting more figures.

The third item is:


Well now, this is really timely as Black Clover’s anime adaptation begins airing this Tuesday. This version of the first volume has a rather nice looking variant cover. Will probably give this a quick read later.

The fourth item is:


It’s Ryuk socks. Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Honestly I actually rather low key enjoy getting anime socks from Loot Anime. Especially now that we’re starting to enter the part of the year where things will grow colder, and wearing socks around the house will be of sound advice just to keep my feet warm.

The requisite phone charm:


It is shaped like a drop of blood, and it actually has Yume carved/etched onto the surface. One of the better phone charms they’ve included.

And the box after being folded inside out:


This is actually one of the cooler looking of the Loot Anime boxes. It kinda looks like a prop from one of Polygon Pictures’ CG anime series.

This was actually a pretty nice Loot Anime crate. Not one of the strongest, but everything is of at least pretty good status. I mean I’m not the biggest Sasuke fan in the world, but it is still a decent figure, and I’ll be wearing the shirt and socks as well. Not to mention giving the Black Clover manga a quick read. So yeah, all in all pretty good. As for next crate’s theme, it is Gods and Spirits and fittingly it features series dealing with the supernatural. The represented series are JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Mushi-Shi, and Noragami making its third appearance, earning it a spot next to Naruto in the Triple Crown club. In addition famed artist Yoshitaka Amano is represented as well.

I have some high hopes for this crate as I am a huge fan of everything represented in it. JoJo’s is one of my favorite franchises around, Noragami’s second season made it into my Top 5 for 2015, Mushi-Shi’s second season actually won my Anime of the Year award for 2014, and there are no words that can adequately describe how I feel about Amano’s art. So, knowing my luck I’ll be disappointed in the crate as that’s usually how this goes when I have high hopes for a crate. Well that looks like that’ll wrap things up for this unboxing, so until next time!