After last month’s solid if a bit disappointing crate, it is time to see how Loot Anime rebounds with the Work For It crate. This theme has to do with series where characters have some rather...unusual lines of work. The represented series are Gintama, Soul Eater, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, all favorites of mine. So on paper this crate should be good, but let’s see how things actually pan out, shall we? First up, the box:

This time it is a rather big box, and for good reason as you’ll soon see. But before that, the inside flap:

It kinda looks like a cash register of some kind. Judging by the orientation of the image I suspect this is one of those boxes we have to flip inside out.


The first item is:

A figure of Gintoki from Gintama, looking like a badass at that! This box is pretty massive and is the only reason the crate’s box is as big as it is, because it it mostly empty space once this item was removed. As for what the figure looks like outside the box:


Looks pretty nice. I don’t know if this or the Luffy figure is my favorite of all the figures they’ve included so far, but either way this is one of the best they’ve given us so far.

The second item is:


It is a pretty nice pouch based on Kunikida Doppo’s notebook in Bungo Stray Dogs! As to why it is a pouch and not, say, an actual notebook, the idea behind it is because Kunikida’s ability allows him to materialize basically anything he writes in his notebook, it is as if he’s pulling things out of nowhere.

The third item is:


A pretty nice embossed cover edition of the first volume of Soul Eater’s manga! So yeah my prediction for which series was going to be represented via the required manga was wrong, but in this case I don’t mind, because what we got was still awesome.

The fourth item is:


So we still do get a Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid book of...sorts. This is actually a really nice journal, with a freaking awesome cover. The pages inside have a green tint to them and also have a picture of Tohru in the lower corner.

The requisite phone charm:


This one is a cup of coffee from the Starbucks knockoff that Yume apparently works at.

Unintentional bonus item:


So this is honestly just an ad, but it is too awesome to ignore. This is simply hyping up the Fathom Events screenings of The Castle of Cagliostro, but even then, this $3 Lupin the 3rd bill is awesome. Loot Anime has included ads before, but this is far and away the best one yet.

And lastly the box inside out:


So yes it is a cash register. The funny thing is the box actually pairs well with the Lupin the 3rd ad, because the person’s order comes out to $2.99 and the ad is a $3 bill. That pairing is too perfect to be accidental.

I actually ended up liking this more than I was expecting to. Obviously the bulk of the money for this crate went to the Gintoki figure. The thing is I can actually get use out of all the items in this crate. The pouch I can store plenty of things in, and I dunno when I’ll use the Dragon Maid journal, but if nothing else it is still a practical item. As for next month’s crate, the theme is Survive!, and features works where characters try dangerous situations. The represented series include Death Note making a repeat appearance(rather fitting considering the Netflix movie just came out), Deadman Wonderland, Black Clover(rather timely as well since it is getting an anime in the Fall), and Naruto Shippuden is appearing for a record third god damned time(to be fair it was going to be either Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, or Attack on Titan reaching 3 appearances first). Welp, that should just about wrap things up for this unboxing, so until next time y’all!