It would seem that the fine folks at Loot Anime enjoyed the last time I did revealed an exclusive item for them, as they decided to acquire my services once again. Rather fitting, as the theme for this particular crate is Work For It, and revolves around series where characters handle odd jobs, sometimes literally. Like last time, if you want your looting experience to remain unspoiled, look away now. For those that are interested in finding out, please continue.

Alrighty then, let’s get into the details shall we. The item in question is yet another rather timely figure. This time it is a figure of Gintoki from Gintama, just in time for a new season of the beloved long running action-comedy franchise.

As you can probably guess from the size of this really nice promotional shot, the figure is actually quite big. Coming in at a pretty good size 7.5" tall, this is easily one of the biggest figures to be included in a Loot Anime crate to date. The figure comes from the talented folks over at Banpresto and this will be the first time the figure is available in the US. For a better look at the figure, please check out this nice little teaser video.

If you are interested in owning this rather nice figure of Gintoki as well as the other potential items in the crate, you have until 9pm EST on August 27th to place your order here. As usual, a Loot Anime subscription starts at only $26.95 per month and you can usually expect to find anywhere from 4 to 6 items in the crate. Along with the Gintoki figure representing Gintama, this particular crate will also feature items from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Soul Eater, and Bungo Stray Dogs. Considering this particular figure alone is valued at $30, that’s basically the entire crate paid for right there, making the other items sweet, sweet icing on the cake.


That should wrap things up for me this time around. Stay tuned for my full Loot Anime Episode 22: Work For It crate unboxing article in the coming weeks once it arrives. With that I now pass things off to you guys. What are your thoughts on this figure? Does this little taste make you hungry to know what else is in the crate? Feel free to leave your thoughts below, and with that, until next time!