The last few crates have been pretty solid offerings, so I went into this month’s crate with some high hopes, especially considering the line up of franchises this time around. This crate’s theme is Action Comedy, and next to the Music crate, this is probably the most self-explanatory of the themes yet. All the series represented here are filled with equal parts action scenes and comedy. The series included in this crate are Konosuba, FLCL, Trigun, Highschool DxD, and One Punch Man making its second showing. With high hopes and a solid line up, let’s see what is in store. First up, the box:

Yet another rather squat box. These kind of boxes appear to becoming more common as time goes on. But of course it isn’t the size of the box but what is inside that matters. Next the inside flap:


We got a street with lots of rubble strewn about. Probably more destruction awaits us on the rest of the box art.

The first item is:


A set of One Punch Man figures! I got the pair that had Saitama and Genos doing badass poses. There were four sets in all, two of them having Saitama and Genos, one was two Saitamas, and the fourth was Saitama and Genos. Here’s how they look outside of the box:


They may look a little odd/faded, but that is because they actually have a metallic finish to them that isn’t picking up well on my phone’s camera. They are nice little figures and I noticed that the bases can connect together, giving incentive to collect the other three sets, which thankfully I can do, as much like the cute little EVA plushes from the last crate, the One Punch Man figure sets will be added to the Loot Vault for purchase at a later time.

The second item is:


A Trigun: Bandlands Rumble shirt! This is seriously one awesome looking shirt. The only downside is that it is a white shirt(I don’t really care for white shirts because of how the bloody things attract stains like no one’s business), but that aside this is seriously awesome.

The third item is:


Volume 1 of the Konosuba manga! The cover is an insanely shiny and reflective foil cover, too. Owning the books for Konosuba is the closest I am coming to owning the series for now. *cough* Freaking license and release the series on home video already, Crunchyroll and FUNimation! *cough*

The fourth item is:


A FLCL art print! I love FLCL, I love art prints, this is something I definitely love, especially because this is just a badass piece of art.

The fifth item is:

Advertisement I being trolled here? Two art prints in the same crate? I know I said up above that I love art prints, but like getting two in the same crate kinda feels cheap, especially when this one isn’t even remotely as good as the FLCL print. Also doesn’t help that I never seen DxD, so I have no real attachment to this item.

And of course the phone charm:


A cute comedic cat charm. Not much else to say on that front.

And the inside of the box:


Yep, more destruction, including a giant explosion. Probably caused by Saitama.

All in all, this was a solid little crate, but admittedly a little disappointing at the same time. However that’s on me, because I got myself too hyped over this crate because of the series involved. My favorite item has to be the Trigun shirt, though, by a comfortable margin. The next crate’s theme is Work For It, and involves series where there are characters who do jobs, mainly of the odd variety. The represented series are Soul Eater, Bungo Stray Dogs, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid(odds on favorite of being the manga in this crate), and Gintama makes a repeat appearance. Another rather solid line up, if I may say so. That’s all I have for this month’s unboxing, so until next time folks!