Thanks to the amount of weeks June had this year I managed to have a second crate arrive in the same month. The previous crate I received this month was a rather strong one, so let’s see how this one stacks up. This crate’s theme is Rise Up and focuses on series that have humans using giant mechs and other tech to fight back against machines, aliens, monsters, and other forces that seek to threaten humanity. The represented series are Knights of Sidonia, Blame!, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and Voltron: Legendary Defender. With this crate predominantly comprised of series on Netflix, let’s see what we have in store. First up, the box:

It is a rather squat box, thin and wide. Means there won’t be much in the way of physically big items, but it is never the size of the items I really care about. Next, the inside flap:

Looks like a series of lights. Could either be the inside of a cockpit or maybe some kind of launch pad. We’ll come back to this later.


The first item is:

A Knights of Sidonia cell phone stand. Looking at the box left me wondering just what the hell the stand would look like or how they would even do a stand. So here’s what the stand looks like:


It’s literally just a small standee of one of the Gardes/Guardians that slightly leans back with a small platform for your phone to go onto. It’s nice to look at but not exactly the most stable stand for a phone to be on either. Still, a nice little display piece.

The second item is:


A t-shirt of Killy from Blame!. That’s....really all I can say. It’s a nice looking shirt and it feels comfortable, but that’s really all there is to it. Badass shirt. Moving on.

The third item is:


It’s a Sanrio micro macro plush of Asuka from EVA! Looking at the poster you either got an Asuka plush or a Rei plush, and if you want to complete the set you could buy the opposite plush from the Loot Vault at a later date. But seriously, this is one cute little plush. You can’t appreciate its full cuteness in the plastic, so here’s a better look at it:

D’awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! :3

The fourth item is:


At first I thought this was like a Gurren Lagann manga, but then I started flipping through it. Nope, this right here is a motherfucking Gurren Lagann art book, and it is simply amazing. This is a must-have item for Gurren Lagann fans, imo. Interesting thing about this is this is a shrunk down version of the original release of this art book, which stood at 12 inches tall, and is unfortunately currently out of print, so it is pretty costly on places like Amazon right now. But even in its smaller form, it is still a glorious piece.

The fifth item is:


It’s a pin of Voltron’s head. The upper part of the lion’s mouth can actually slide up and down to fully reveal Voltron’s face, but at least for me, the mouth doesn’t lock into place, so it always slides back down over Voltron’s eyes. A decent little trinket, probably won’t ever use it though.

And of course the phone charm:


This time it isn’t a charm of Yume, but rather the mech that Yume and that cat creature in the header image pilot to fight the forces of evil.

And as for the inside of the box:


It is indeed a launch pad/chute/bay/whathaveyou. It’s neat. Not much else there.

So all in all, a pretty solid little crate. The highlights of the crate are far and away the EVA mini plush and especially the Gurren Lagann art book. Seriously, that thing is freaking awesome. As for the next crate’s theme, it is Action Comedy(jesus, are they so desperate for creative theme names now that they are resorting to using freaking genre titles?), and it will feature, as you can imagine, shows that combine action and comedy, specifically One Punch Man, Trigun, Konosuba, FLCL, and Highschool DxD. If nothing else, much like in my prediction for the Unnatural crate, I can say with full confidence that One Punch Man’s item isn’t going to be the first volume of the manga, because they already gave us that. And that should just about do it for this unboxing, so until next time folks!