After the rather disappointing crate from last month, there was honestly nowhere for this month’s crate to go but up, but even with that in mind I am going to judge the contents of this crate as fairly as I can possibly do. This time the theme is Unnatural and features items from Death Note, Parasyte, Noragami, and Mob Psycho 100. So with that quick intro out of the way, let’s get right to the box:

Remember how last month’s box was the tallest, but narrowest crate I’ve received yet? Well forget that, as this is now the tallest crate I’ve received, and by a good margin at that actually. It’s even wider than the normal boxes, making this the largest crate yet. Oh, and fun fact, that is a pic of the backside of the box, because the actual front of the box is basically a freaking spoiler:

I appreciate that they took the consideration to put the massive warning sign on it, but given both the size of the box and the series involved, I’m just going to straight up guess one of the items inside is first omnibus volume of the Parasyte manga. But we’ll get back to that later, for now, the inside flap:


Bunch of spooky ghosts and other creepy critters. Though one of the ghosts looks more depressed than anything.

The first item is:


It’s a Death Note mug! The size of this box took up a massive chunk of the inside of the crate. As for what the actual mug itself looks like:

And for the other side:


It’s pretty nice. The images on the mug are both textured and apparently glow in the dark, which is nice. Not much to say here. It’s a very solid mug that looks nice.

The second item is:


A pretty damn badass Mob Psycho 100 t-shirt. Given that Mob Psycho 100 was my third favorite anime series from last year, I am very happy with this particular shirt and shall wear it quite often. The image itself is of Mob in the middle of one of his explosions of emotion, most likely rage.

The third item is:


It’s a Noragami snapback hat. Pretty nice, solid build. Fits great, feels great. Interesting little note about this hat. It isn’t just a random use of the iconic eye symbol from the series, this hat is based on the black mask/visor thing that Rabo, that villain from the end of the first season of the anime, wore, just converted into a hat.

The fourth item is:


I, for one, am completely and totally shocked that it is the first omnibus volume of Parasyte. Completely floored beyond belief. Moving aside from the snarky sarcasm, I am actually pretty damn happy to have this. Parasyte is one of my favorite franchises and for the longest time was my favorite manga series to not have an anime adaptation, which of course got rectified when Madhouse adapted it into one of the better received anime series in the last few years. This particular volume has a variant cover, also this omnibus volume includes that rather amusing Parasyte x Fairy Tail crossover chapter done by Fairy Tail’s mangaka.

And of course the requisite phone charm:


This time it is a charm of the Vampire Yume from the crate’s art, and it also apparently glows in the dark, which is neat.

As for the inside of the box:


We get more ghosts and the portal they are coming from. Sorry for the odd angle of the pic, but well this particular box was basically done backwards, so it was awkward trying to take a good pic of it.

All in all this was a very good rebound crate. I’m going to use the shirt and hat more than I can even think, I’ll get use out of the mug, and I’m of course going to read the Parasyte manga over and over as I love the hell out of it.

The theme for next month’s crate is Rise Up, it focuses on series where humans use mechs and tech to help fight back and defend humanity. For all intents and purposes it is also the Netflix Loot Anime crate, as the series represented will be Gurren Lagann, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Knights of Sidonia, Blame!, and DreamWorks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender(but...this one isn’t anime....oh who cares, they’ve had RWBY before). Well that should just about do it for this unboxing, so until next time folks!