Loot Anime is back causing mass destruction this time around with the Humanity crate. I honestly don’t get the theme this time around, simply because one of the three represented series messes with the theme the other two present. The series in this crate are Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon, and School-Live!. With Attack on Titan and School-Live! I can buy into the theme being humanity struggling to survive against a horde of purple people eaters, but Black Lagoon squarely throws that whole theme off because it is a series that follows pirates and other ne’er-do-wells on the South China Sea and other waterways in that area. Regardless, an ill-fitting theme may be the least of this crate’s worries. So let’s kick things off with the box:

Bro, have you been hitting the buffet?

So, this is interesting. The box is simultaneously more narrow and taller than usual. A taller box usually indicates bigger items inside, but the previous crates that have been taller than usual have also been either the normal width or even wider than normal, so we are heading into uncharted territory with a tall, but narrow box. Anyways, onto the flap:

Well hey, that looks like the style most of the houses in Attack on Titan are in, so it fits the theme nicely. I’m guessing this box will be getting flipped inside out at the end of this.


The first item is:

It’s a mini ammo box tin with Revy(or Levy) from Black Lagoon and bullet holes on it! This seems to be the culprit for the box being taller than normal, as removing this item from the crate left a sizable vacuum of space. Anyways, being a tin, I wonder if there is anything inside:


Spoiler, there was

It’s a set of Black Lagoon coasters featuring the crew of the Lagoon Company! These are some pretty nice coasters, actually. They feature a hard top and a soft cork bottom.

The second item is:


Hey, it’s a Levi figure! I wonder where I saw this before...hmm, can’t recall. Anyways, yes this is a Levi figure from Banpresto’s World Collectable Figure line. So seeing the figure through the filter of a nicely done promotional picture is one thing, but what does it look like out in the wild?

Huh, well, honestly not that different than the promotional picture to be honest. One thing the promo pic didn’t give a true sense of was just how small this guy is. So here he is next to two figures included in previous Loot Anime crates for a sense of scale:


As you can see, they really nailed Levi’s height.

The third item is:


As I expected, with only three featured series, it meant one of them was going to be double downed on, and probably to the shock of very few, Attack on Titan was selected as that series. This item in particular is a pouch with the emblem for the Survey Corps on it. Considering that it is a pouch, I am going to hazard a guess that there is something inside it, given that’s what happened the last time they gave us a pouch.

I was right.

So yes, the faux-leather pouch did indeed have something inside it, a Survey Corps notebook. The set comes complete with a pencil that is supposed to look like the blade from the anti-Titan swords they use, but because the item is a notebook, the pencil in question reminds me more of the writing utensil the ill-fated Ilse used to write in her notebook. Also, as an aside, reading the back of the poster that lists what all the items in this crate are, the description for this item said it was supposed to have three pencils, but I only got the one. This isn’t a big deal to me, because as you can see the packaging for this item definitely didn’t leave much room for extra pencils, so I am just assuming that was a typo on the poster.


The fourth item is:

Sweet, first volume of the School-Live! manga. Love the manga, loved the anime too, but love the manga a lot more. However, unlike what they usually do, this isn’t a variant cover to the first volume. So I was wondering what was special about this version until I opened it up and saw it had a free poster inside! So what was the poster in question?


Oh...joy...a reminder of the episode of the anime that most certainly did not happen. Nope. Didn’t happen at all. I know nothing of this “pool episode” that you speak of.

And of course the requisite phone charm:


Oh...oh dear...gotta be honest, this is easily my least favorite of the Yume charms. I mean it is still better than the old style of charms they did, but from the crop of Yume ones this is decidedly dead last for me.

Now, returning to the box:


Ok I’ll be honest, that actually works really well with the Levi figure. It’s even roughly in scale with him.

So, to be frank this crate is actually disappointing to me. A big part of that is the lack of a shirt. This is not the first time they’ve passed on including a shirt, but in the previous cases they either included another wearable item that was something that could still be regularly worn or at least used as a cosplay item or they had really cool items to make up for the lack of any wearable item. I honestly cannot tell you if I’ll actually wear that Attack on Titan pouch(yes, the AoT pouch is the wearable item this time around, it has a loop on the back for a belt), so that alone is a massive deduction for me.

Add on top of that things like the Yume charm being weak, the special thing about the School-Live! manga being a fanservice poster when fanservice has no place in School-Live!(which is why I loathe that god damn pool episode so damn much), and the best item in the crate being a good damn tin with coasters in it(and I actually like the tin and coasters, I can use the tin to store some things in and I am currently using the Revy coaster as I type this), and yeah this is a weak crate, not just a mere downgrade like Dimension was, but flat out weak.


Easily the weakest crate they’ve released in the post-Music crate era, at least. Why is it the crates with AoT in them are always among the weakest they’ve done? To be fair to this crate, it is definitely better than the very first crate, which had as its best item an AoT mug, but also included things like a tin of AoT bandages and the ugliest shirt they’ve included so far. However, that crate also has the excuse of being their first attempt at doing an anime crate. This however? No excuses this time, man.

So, now that I’ve thoroughly reamed this particular crate, time to start getting my hopes up for the next crate! Episode 19 is themed Unnatural and deals with supernatural/sci-fi series that have humans with decidedly less than normal abilities. The represented series will be Noragami, Mob Psycho 100, Death Note, and Parasyte. If nothing else, I can at least say with confidence that the Noragami item won’t be the first volume of the manga, because they already gave us that in a previous crate. That should just about do it for this unboxing folks, until next time!