Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages I am proud to announce that I have an exclusive unveiling regarding an item in this month’s Loot Anime crate. One might say it is a colossal reveal, if you will. So for those of you who would like to keep their looting experience completely unspoiled, avert your eyes now for this is your only warning.

Now, for everyone still here, let’s get straight to the details. Today I am unveiling an exclusive Attack on Titan figure that’ll be included in this month’s crate, just in time for fans enjoying the current season. The figure in question is based on the widely popular pint-sized purveyor of pain and punishment to Titans near and far, Levi!

They really did an excellent job capturing his signature look of utter disdain

As you can see from this rather nice professional up close shot, the figure is rather highly detailed. Which is more or less what I was expecting, as this figure is part of Banpresto’s World Collectable Figure line of small, rather high quality stylized figures, of which I already previously acquired several figures based on Dragon Ball characters.

The figure is of a solid build and should be relatively easy to display as Levi himself comes already assembled in the box, so all you need to do is attach him to the base. As for the size of the figure, it is about 3 inches in height, putting it roughly in realistic scale to how tall Levi is compared to other characters.

If you are interested in obtaining this Levi figure along with the other neat items in this month’s crate, you have until 9pm ET on April 27th to submit your order here. Like always, a Loot Anime subscription starts at only $24.95 per month and you can generally expect to find 4 to 6 items in the crate. Along with Levi and other Attack on Titan goodies, this month’s crate also features items from Black Lagoon and School-Live!.


That should just about do it for me right now. Stay tuned for my full Loot Anime Episode 18: Humanity crate unboxing article in the coming weeks once it arrives. So now I’ll pass it off to you guys. What are your thoughts on this figure? Does this little taste make you hungry to know what else is in the crate? Feel free to leave your thoughts below, and with that, until next time!

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