Well this was certainly one timely Loot Anime crate, coming just before some major releases for a few of the franchises in this month’s crate. The theme is Future, and of course that means sci-fi series. This time around we have Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Kiznaiver, Clockwork Planet, and Psycho-Pass on tap. So like always, let’s start with the box:


This month we have the return of the rarely used “squashed box” design, a signal that the items in this crate most likely aren’t going to be very big physically. Moving on to the inside flap:

This time around we have what looks like a futuristic keyboard, plus some access cards for Yume, the Loot Anime mascot. If there’s a keyboard, there must be a screen somewhere in this box, we’ll come back to this later.

The first item is:


Aw, thank you FUNimation and Kodansha! Just what I needed, a pretty badass Ghost in the Shell shirt to wear while I’m being utterly disappointed/pissed off by the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie coming out tomorrow! On a more serious note, this really is a pretty awesome shirt.

The second item is:


So the Psycho-Pass item comes in a box. What’s in the box? well it tells you right on the box, it’s a USB drive. So what does the drive itself look like? I’m guessing a Dominator.

Spoiler: It’s a Dominator

So yeah, a Dominator USB drive. But how do I access the USB dongle? Do I remove the front of the Dominator? Surely it doesn’t open up similarly to how the gun does in the show...

Spoiler: It totally opens up like how the gun does in the show

Ok, if I’m being honest, that’s actually pretty badass. I’ve seen a lot of gimmick USB drives in my time, and this legitimately is one of my favorites.

The third item is:


Well I called it last month, Clockwork Planet would be the requisite book, but it looks like the Light Novel Revolution comes to an end for now, as for some reason they decided to go with the manga adaptation, returning to their rather frustrating practice. I’ll give this a read I guess, as this series is being turned into a show airing in the Spring season.

The fourth item is:

You know, when one hears the words “anime mousepad” nowadays, this isn’t what they think of

So, yeah, out of the three Trigger shows to be represented in Loot Anime by now, Kiznaiver by far gets the worst item(kinda fitting as Kiznaiver is the weakest of the three shows represented). Yes it is a highly practical item, being a mousepad(hell I’m using it right this moment), but I mean compared to the badass Kill la Kill t-shirt and the flat out amazing Space Patrol Luluco keychain, this is just weaksauce. Plus it doesn’t help that the colors are kind of faded from what they are in the key visual this is using.

And of course, the requisite phone charm:


Not much to say about this one. Just a cute charm of Yume in a futuristic-looking outfit.

Now, as for that screen to go with the keyboard, found it:


Well that’s a little diorama.

All in all, not a bad crate, with the GitS shirt and Dominator USB drive being awesome, while there is some disappointment to be had with Clockwork Planet being the manga rather than light novel, and the Kiznaiver item is just all around disappointing.


Things probably won’t be getting better next month, as the theme is Humanity, and there are only three series being represented, Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon, and School-Live!. That means something is being double-dipped, and I think it will be Attack on Titan, considering they double-dipped on AoT in the very first Loot Anime crate, giving people a rather nice mug and a tin of AoT-themed bandages(I’m not kidding). Which is why I’m not really looking forward to the next crate. I love Black Lagoon and School-Live!, but the potential for AoT double-dipping has me worried.

So that’s all for this month’s unboxing. Until next time, folks!

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