Ok, so I swear this will be the last one to arrive late for at least a year due to actions on my side of things. Anyways this month’s theme is Together, and it features series with strong bonds between the characters. The represented series are One Piece Film Gold, Haikyuu!! Season 3, Mr. Osomatsu, and The Boy and the Beast. So let’s get started with the box as usual:

I swear I didn’t just re-use the picture of the box from last month. I decided to post what the box looked like because it would appear the loss of Crunchyroll branding on last month’s crate was intentional despite the branding still being on the poster, because now this month’s poster lacks the Crunchyroll branding as well. That’s really all I wanted to say about this, so moving on to the inside flap:

We have a wooden bridge. Wonder where it leads? We’ll come back to this.

The first item is:


Well look at that, first item and we already struck gold. Loot Anime has graduated from the small figures to full on prize figures now. So what does it look like out of box?

By a wide margin this is the best overall quality figure Loot Anime has included in one of their crates up to now. All of the other figures have been small chibi figures or god forbid Funko Pops. Seriously, though, the detailing is pretty legit.


You know, for a series I’m not much of a fan of(not because I hate it or anything, I’ve barely experienced it because of how god damn big of a time sink it is to catch up), I actually now have a pretty respectable collection of One Piece figures:

Snagged the Nami and Ace figures in Hastings’ going out of business sale where they became too cheap to pass up, and of course just got the Luffy figure.


The second item is:

So yeah, the Haikyuu!! item is the requisite shirt, this time showing the members of Karasuno, as well as the full title of the third season in Japanese. The little touch I like about this is they have the entire roster that got to see playing time in the match that took place in the third season, so the fans of each of Karasuno’s players get to be happy. I can assure you this shirt will be worn many a times.


The third item is:

Well god damn, apparently the light novel flood gates have been opened, because this is the second month in a row we get a light novel as the included book. This one is the light novel adaptation of The Boy and the Beast, so now I can still experience the story without needing to see the film(I’m still gonna watch the film).


The fourth item is:

God damn it, I hate being right. I freaking called it in the last unboxing article that the Mr. Osomatsu item would be a blind bag item. So, what, and more importantly who, did I get?


Muscle, Muscle! Hustle, Hustle!

Motherfucking Jyushimatsu, yo! Also it’s a phone charm. Which is kind of awkward......I actually would be using this as my phone charm right now, but that damned giant lollipop gets in the way, so he’ll just have to sit around for now.

And of course, Loot Anime’s included phone charm:


It’s pirate Yume, with her companion, a cute little kitty. A really cute phone charm, to be sure, but yeah when compared with Jyushimatsu, I’m more willing to rock the sports obssessed Matsuno brother.

Now, as for what that wooden bridge on the inside flap leads to:


There’s some extra little bits under the side flaps, but I think it just looks better like this.

So yeah, this was a pretty decent crate all things considered. The Luffy figure is really damn nice, as is the Haikyuu!! shirt, and I can get some use out of the other two items as well, which is always a bonus. That being said I still don’t get why they decided to give us two phone charms this month, especially when one is from a very much loved anime series, meaning it would completely overshadow the Yume charm in the eyes of fans of the series.

As for next month, the theme is Future and is all about series that take place in the future. The represented series are Ghost in the Shell: Arise(which I actually liked, not as much as SAC or the first film mind you, but it was still enjoyable and the movie finale to the Arise series is freaking amazing), Psycho-Pass(first season is great, though with some issues, second season doesn’t exist), Kiznaiver(another series I enjoyed, but yes it did have some problems too), and....Clockwork Planet? The hell is Clockwork Planet? *Googles* Oh, it’s a light novel series getting an anime adaptation this Spring....by Xebec....oh.....oh no......


So basically, this is one timely as fuck crate, what with both the Ghost in the Shell film coming out in mere weeks and Clockwork Planet’s anime also coming in just a few weeks. So who wants to bet that Clockwork Planet’s item is the first volume of the light novel? :P

Well that’s it for this unboxing article. Next one will hopefully be rather soon.