Loot Anime Episode 14: Galaxy Unboxing

Well this is a surprise. I was actually planning on doing a completely different article today, but Christmas has come a bit early thanks to Loot Anime, as this month’s crate arrived extremely early, all things told. This month’s theme is Galaxy, and of course that means a bunch of space-related anime series! This time it includes items from the evergreen classics Cowboy Bebop and Sailor Moon, as well as the much more recent (and my pick for best short series anime of the year) Space Patrol Luluco, and *sigh* yes, it also has the bastardization of Macross known as Robotech as well. So first things first, let’s talk about how freaking massive this month’s crate actually is:

That’s no moon, it’s a Loot Crate

But of course it isn’t the size of the crate that matters, but what is actually inside. So, like always, let’s start with the inside flap:

It looks...like the outside of a spaceship...oh lord, this is another transforming box, isn’t it? We’ll come back to it if it is.

The first item is:


A miniature plush of Ein from Cowboy Bebop! It’s adorable and soft. Also is a plush of a Corgi, and really that’s all the justification you need to love it.

The second item is:


Well at least they are getting the Robotech item out of the way rather quick. It’s a clear acrylic standee version of the mech image you see there, so half completed mech, half schematics look, that you plop into a a USB-powered LED stand that lights up the standee in a variety of colors like red, blue, green, purple, etc. So here’s what it looks like lit up:


It ends up giving the standee this really cool hologram-like appearance. What sucks is the LED stand does say “Robotech” on it, but thankfully the back side of it does not, so you can just display it with the base turned around and it becomes a legit Macross LED standee. In case I haven’t made it clear yet, Harmony Gold can go sit and spin for all I care. :P

The third item is:


It’s a small Space Patrol Luluco holding pouch! That by itself would be nice, if a bit underwhelming, however, the pouch is not the actual item. It is merely a bonus item. The little cardboard tag attached to the pouch spoils what is actually in the pouch, and when I read the tag, let’s just say, it made my heart go super doki doki. That’s because, the real Luluco item is:


A GOD DAMNED KEYCHAIN VERSION OF LULUCO’S AFLUTTER JEWEL!!! *cue hours of fanboy screaming* Ok, I’ve calmed down, but like real talk, in the just over a year I’ve been getting Loot Anime crates, this is, bar none, my favorite god damn item I’ve received from them.

The fourth item is:


To be honest, this actually shocked me. I was totally expecting the Sailor Moon item to be a variant cover version of the first volume of the manga. I was not at all expecting a freaking bottle opener designed after Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick.

And lastly, the phone charm:


This is probably their best phone charm yet. It’s cute as all hell just with chibi Yume in her adorable little space suit, but the thing that sets this over the top is it is all sparkly thanks to some glitter on the inside of it.

Oh, and back to the box itself. Yeah, I was right, another transforming one. This one becomes a spaceship like I expected:


It’s a nice gesture, though this one refuses to stay together unlike the sword stand box from last month. Still, I like that transforming boxes are a recurring thing now. It gives them something to do besides stacking up in the corner.

Overall, I quite like this month’s offerings. I’ve noticed that this is the third month in a row they haven’t included a shirt, and this is I think the first month they did not include a shirt or a volume of manga. It is usually one or the other not included if they decide to not include one. As for what next month’s crate is, I have no clue as I got this so early that they are still taking orders for this freaking crate. So that’s going to do it for this month’s Loot Anime crate.

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