Another month means another Loot Anime crate has arrived at my doorstep. This month’s theme is Blade, and features series known for their sword wielding characters. This particular crate has items from Berserk, Gintama, Sword Art Online: Progressive, and for the second time in three god damn months...Bleach. So let’s just get into shall we?

As there is nothing particularly noteworthy about the outside of the crate this month, let’s skip straight to the inside flap to lead things off:

It looks a bit weird, with what looks like a cardboard sword at the very top and a weird, not so sword-themed image below that. Notice the instructions to cut along the sides, though. We’ll come back to this later.

The first item is:


A Bleach shirt! Actually, no, these are in fact Bleach lounge pants(fancy way of saying really comfortable pajama pants, really). The left pant leg has that red box with Ichigo’s name written in it. The right pant leg, however, has a picture of Ichigo himself. These pants are insanely comfortable, and will see lots of use this winter as casual wear around the house, even if the giant Ichigo picture makes it look like I’m wearing some kind of weeb-themed version of Rick Rude’s wrestling tights. Compared to the last Bleach item Loot Anime had, a watch that I couldn’t even fit on my wrist, this is much, much better.

The second item is:


God damn this crate has a lot of items I have to take a picture of from above because they are too big to take a pic of from the usual angle. Anyways, a Gintama mini wall scroll. I think this might be the first wall scroll Loot Anime has had in the main crate. Kind of surprised it took this long as wall scrolls are a very common piece of anime merchandise.

The third item is:

Yo dawg, I heard you like...wait I made this joke last month damn it!


So yes, for the second month in a row Loot Anime goes for a bit of inception, as we basically get a crate within a crate, with this stylish box for the Berserk item. Oh, this box isn’t the item itself, this is actually what the item is:

It was much too small to be called a sword. Diminutive, thin, light, and far too rough. Indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron.


A god damn Dragonslayer letter opener! Now I can go *clang* on all those letters that never quite open right. Interestingly enough, the blade isn’t sharp at all, but much like the actual Dragonslayer, it just cleaves through things. At first I was thinking it was another “pen disguised as a sword” item like the Monster Hunter pen they included many months back.

The fourth item is:

Pro-tip, foil covers are a bitch to photograph right.


So volume one of Sword Art Online: Progressive. When I saw SAO:P as one of the listed series, I was kind of hyped, as I knew it was both a light novel, and supposed to be really damn good, so I was thinking maybe for once Loot Anime would buck the manga volume trend and give us an actual light novel volume for once, and then I actually picked the volume up and realized the flaps were in the style of manga instead of novels, and sure enough, this is in fact Sword Art Online: Progressive, but it is the manga adaptation, something I didn’t even knew existed until today.

And of course the phone charm:


They seriously keep getting better at making these charms. This is the first charm in the entire history of Loot Anime to actually physically feature the mascot character Yume, though. In the past we got some phone charms that were of items related to her, but not Yume herself. I quite like it, actually. More of this henceforth, please, Loot Anime.

Oh, and one last thing. I said I would come back to why the inside flap had cut along the line instructions. This is the reason, the whole box turns into a sword-themed stand to display the Dragonslayer letter opener in:


I actually really like it when they do things like this with the crate. It’s a fun little thing. All in all, this was a nice crate. Nothing was bad. I quite like everything included, even if they went back to the Bleach well, at least they pulled out something better this time around.


Anyways, since for once they got the crate to me after announcing the next theme, I can tell you guys ahead of time what we can look forward to next month.

Next month’s theme will be Galaxy, and of course will feature space-related series. In particular it will feature items from Sailor Moon, Robotech(screw off Harmony Gold, this could have been a proper Macross item!), Space Patrol Luluco, and motherfucking Cowboy Bebop!


Ok, so an early prediction, between their trend to include a volume of manga, and my “luck” with their manga choices, I am extremely, extremely worried that the Sailor Moon item is just the first volume of the manga with a variant cover. Sadly it is most likely what is going to happen, because unless it is one of those rare crates where they don’t include a manga volume, the other three don’t have a licensed/recent manga series they can release.

So that should just about do it until next month’s Loot Anime crate rolls in.