(Just a head’s up, this is not a sponsored article, I get these things using my own money, just wanted to share the contents inside and what I thought about them)

So, sadly necessary clarification note above aside, this is something I’ve actually been wanting to do for a while. Granted in video form, which actually turned out to be a surprisingly bigger hassle than I thought possible, so I’ve decided to just say screw it and do them in article form.

Before I go over what was actually in this crate I should probably go over what the series included in the crate are and what I was potentially expecting from them. With this crate’s theme being about food, there were a lot of possibilities when it comes to what they sent me, from items related to the characters in the series to actual food items. As for the series themselves they were Food Wars!(a series I love the hell out of), sweetness & lightning(a series I enjoyed, but not as much as I thought I was going to enjoy it...if that makes sense), Himouto! Umaru-chan(another series I enjoyed), Gudetama the lazy egg(a property I have no experience with other than knowing it was one of Sanrio’s many, many, many characters), and....Naruto Shippuden.

Most of the included series make sense. Food Wars! and sweetness & lightning are literally about making food, Gudetama literally is food, and Himouto! makes sense because Umaru loves to snack on food. Naruto is the odd one out in that the only reasons it even counts are because Naruto himself loves the holy hell out of ramen and he was named after the spiral fish cake often included in ramen.


Heading in I was expecting Food Wars! to be the requisite manga volume inclusion and I was thinking they’d give me a Gudetama plush, because there’s not much else they really could do with Gudetama. As for the other series I had no idea what they could include, though I hedged my bets on the Naruto item being something ramen-related. So, let’s find out what they actually sent me, shall we?

First up, the crate:


Heading forward unless there is something noteworthy about the outside of the crate(like it is damaged or a different style) I probably won’t bother with the outside too much. I’m including the outside this time for two reasons. The first is to show what the normal design looks like, and the second is because the last crate had a different shape, so I just want to share that they went back to the old style of crate.

Next, the inside flap:


Now this is something related to the actual physical crate that I will be sharing each time, because the inside flap is always different and related to the theme of the crate. This one looks like a picnic layout with a napkin, spoon, pair of chopsticks, and some packets of delicious soy sauce.

The first item is:

Please end my suffering already...


Hey, look at that, it’s a Gudetama plush. It’s rather small, but adorable, what with his egg white bed and slice of bacon blanket. It’s cute, it’s well made, it’s standard Sanrio quality. Good item.

The second item is:

Yo dawg, I heard you like ramen...


So yeah, as I kind of expected, the Naruto item is indeed related to ramen. It’s actually a ramen bowl, and I mean that literally in two different ways. It’s a bowl to eat ramen out of(specifically it is modeled after the bowls used at the Ramen Ichiraku restaurant that Naruto always eats at), and it’s a bowl.....with a picture of a bowl of ramen in the center of it....

It’s an alright bowl. Seems solid. The picture inside I could do without. Just having it be a normal Ramen Ichiraku bowl would have been far better. I actually notice that they tend to overdesign the Naruto items included in the Loot Anime crates. Like the t-shirt from the first crate that had the Akatsuki cloud and all the missing-nin logos as a randomly repeated pattern all over the shirt, and it was just too damn busy for a shirt design.


Also the bowl is kinda small. Like you could at best only put a single ramen packet’s amount of noodles into it. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t good enough to satisfy either me or Naruto.

The third item is:


A Good Smile Company Umaru figure! Excuse me while I go screaming like a madman...ok I’m back. So first thing I noticed is, it has an unusual box. It’s shaped like a little house. That is most certainly a first for me.

So what is the figure itself like? Well, let’s see:


It. Is. So. God. Damn. Adorable. It’s really damn small, though, but when you think about it, when it comes to the world of figures, scale wise, Umaru’s chibi gremlin form being a really tiny figure makes a hell of a lot of sense. This figure wasn’t complex in any form, it’s just a solid lump of surprisingly detailed plastic. No assembly required. Just plop it onto the little stand included.

The fourth item is:


Holy crap this was actually a genuine surprise! Like I said earlier I was fully expecting the Food Wars! item to be the manga. Instead the item isn’t even related to Soma himself(and upon saying that I am kind of sad that the Food Wars! item wasn’t a Restaurant Yukihira shirt, because they could then kill two birds with one stone by giving us both a shirt and cosplay item). It’s the bearbear apron worn by Satoshi Isshiki, which was sometimes the only thing he wore...

Sadly this is strictly for cosplay, as the material is way too thin to be used in practical application, as you can see from this not too flattering pic of me trying it on:


You can actually see my shirt through the apron, it’s that thin. Needless to say, if you get this and plan on cosplay Satoshi Isshiki, for the love of god please be a Satoshi Isshiki who wears clothes....

That means the fifth and final series-related item is:


The first volume of sweetness & lightning’s manga with a variant cover. Skimming through the manga actually makes me a little disappointed in the anime, because the manga’s art is rather striking, especially for its kind of series, and yet for as simple of a series as it is, they somehow didn’t fully capture this look in the anime.

And of course the phone charm that they always include but I don’t think anyone actually uses:


I must say I am impressed with how they’ve stepped their game up with the phone charms recently. This one and the one from the last crate I could actually possibly see myself using if I didn’t have an army of anime phone charms.

So all in all it was a great crate. Certainly a good rebound from the previous crate which only had one series in it that I liked all the way through(that being One Punch Man), and had things I couldn’t use(the Bleach watch’s straps were too small to fit around my wrist and the Kaneki acrylic figure/keychain they included in a double pack with a Touka one had one of its kagune break during transit, and it fell off as soon as I removed it from its package, meaning I’m only displaying the Touka one). Plus this crate gets us back into the pattern of having at least one cosplay item and one practical use item included. This one was definitely worth the $25 I spent on it.


That’s all for now, come back next month for...oh...right they haven’t announced the next theme yet. >_>