Due to major positive responses, I'm adding a few more anime to the list! Come join in on the collab article fun if you haven't yet!

As the headline says, I'm currently looking for some people to write collaborative articles with me! I would really like to have some of you, who are either too shy to post, or fear that that you lack the skills to write, to join me! I have just finished a collaborative article with Kaizival, and wish to do a few more!

Illustration for article titled Looking for Collab Writers!

Pic from the OP of F/SN UBW 'ideal white' by Mashiro Ayano.

Available anime would include:

  1. D-Frag! - Doing it with Kristof.
  2. Hataraku Maou-Sama! - This show will be discussed major scale, with lots of people. A community review, so to say. A few more people can join, it'd be more fun. Currently included: Krakken, devinreal13, Tami-Onee-Chan, MaelwysSC113, jonuiuc, kinksy
  3. Campione! - Requiem
  4. Amagami SS & SS+ - Doing with Aestevalis
  5. Bakuman
  6. Nodame Cantabile - I'm doing this with Dex!
  7. OreImo - XepherLord
  8. Mayo Chiki
  9. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
  10. Kaichou wa Maid sama! - Alex
  11. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.
  12. Btoooom!
  13. Zero no Tsukaima
  14. Sekirei
  15. Ouran Koukou Host Club - The Messiah
  16. Anything else left unclaimed on this doc*

So please, if you have ever had any intention of posting on Ani-TAY, but fear that you can't, I urge you to accept my invitation. I wish to help!


Please leave a comment on this thread, or contact me at my skype: ascendant-izanagi for more details!

*If you wish to do an anime or manga not on my list, please check through the doc and Ani-TAY FIRST. It may have been done already. Also, if I haven't read/watched it yet, please provide me some time to do so.

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