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Don´t Trusth Him!. Is A trap i Assure you!, he wants to destroy it!.

The Tokyo Prefecture, in an attempt to redeem the violwnt past of his -repeatedly- destroyer has decided to offer Godzilla, a Giant Monster or Kaiju, the title of a Tourist Embassador.


In a, what is obvious, a peace offering, the government has put a giant Godzilla´s Head in the Kabuki-Cho, a CInema´s Owned by TOHO on Shinjuku.

On the ceremony the Toho Executive, Minami Ichikawa, and the Tokyo Mayor, Kenichi Yoshizumi, made an appeareance. The Mayor said that he has hopes that every building that the monster destroys, could become fortitous in the real life.


Its also worth nothing that Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) is working as a director and wrtter for the new Japanese Godzilla film.

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