I recently wrote about my fears regarding the upcoming live action North American Death Note movie which is totally separate from the second faithful adaptation they’re making in Japan. This adaptation seems to have the makings of a total bomb of Dragon Ball Evolution proportions a bad cast, a novice director, and the man who wrote The Fantastic Four reboot. In short this looks like it was going to be bad.

However there may be a flicker of light at the end of this tunnel. Potentially. According to Variety (Via ANN) Netflix is in talks to take over the project. This could be good for several reasons the first is Netflix has a track record of faithful adaptions of similar properties such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil S1 & 2 furthermore Netflix has experience working with anime and Japan something Warners clearly lacks.

While the creative team could spell disaster all around regardless who is producing. If the rights and the product go to Netflix there could be hope it wont be a total disaster. It’s a faint hope but considering how much I love this property I’ll take what I can get.