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Let’s talk about Noragami

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Well this show was a pleasant surprise it’s the first show I decided to watch with my sister as we just got Netflix. Let me share a general synopsis with you folks. Oh and hey ani TAY I have not written for you since your conception.


Anyway Noragami follows the tales of Yato the main guy in the tracksuit as he tries to become a well none god fulfilling wishes and doing jobs. Early on he meets a girl and she gets in an accident causing her to become a half phantom which allows her to interact with the other gods and spirits all the while shenanigans ensue Yato gains the power sword of puberty (Yuki) see teenage blond in picture above.

So should you watch that

So uh yeah I liked this show a lot it wrap things up nicely in about 12 episodes. There are some amazing other characters like of course the other gods as well as their Regalias whish i wished they had gone more into. Like Bishamon who is a tall fierce blonde clad in nothing but regalia EVEN HER CLOTHES, HER HAT, AND EARRING! Just look at her!


THAT LION is a regalia! And this god of war looks like some bad ass biker babe!

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Oh and maybe I didn’t explain regalias well at all but pretty much they are the non corrupted spirits that have not crossed over because they want to live! and that becomes a big deal in the show of course. But uh Yeah I don’t have the score card thing to edit so let me just say it here.



I watched it on Netflix, I also heard they maybe getting a second season but I have no confirmation of that. Cya around AniTAY Imma go watch Irregular Magic at Highschool


APPARENTLY THERE WILL BE A SECOND SEASON! Thanks much Kristof for shining more light in my life!

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