Welcome to my workshop (or something like that)! This is Krakken Krafts. My oh-so-punny title for the few artsy projects I get up to from time to time. Today I went ahead and made a new creation, my very own Dwarf in the Flask (from the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Anime series and the manga it’s based on). Wanna see how I did? Well come along then.

For those who don’t know, I’m an anime/ video game fan who has only in the past couple of years started convention-going, but ever since (and a little before then) I got into the Cosplay scene. Not hardcore mind you, but I do have a couple of costumes/outfits that I like to wear. Last year I bought myself a wig, grew my beard and went as FMA’s Van Hoenheim. It was great, it introduced me to my first wig (which also had me adding to the lace-front hairline for about 2 weeks straight). Anyways, this year I thought I’d add a few new touches, one of which is today’s Dwarf in the Flask… Homunculus!

Now I do not claim to be a very good “crafter” (or whatever the term is). I’m not the most experienced, quickest, efficient, or frugal; but I do enjoy it, and I like to think my work comes off passably well. So without further ado let’s go through my build!


Step 1: Setup

Pictured above is most of the pieces I used in my build, as well as a couple extras I didn’t end up using. (As you can tell I’m not the best pre-planner, but the only thing here I didn’t end up using is the super glue and the black felt.) in total my parts included:

  • 1 paper mache ball ornament (top left in the picture blending in with the table)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White foam
  • Red foam
  • Black pipe cleaners (about 6)
  • 1 Hamster ball
  • 1 foot of ¾ inch clear piping
  • 2 1-inch corks
  • Hot glue
  • Small exacto knife
  • Spruce cutters (for the pipe cleaners)
  • Clear thread and needle
  • Scissors


Step 2&3:

The first thing I did, after setting up, was crack open my Hamster ball. (the cracking open was in the pre-picture phase) since the ball wasn’t really meant to crack open in the middle, it involved drilling holes to allow me to unlock the 3 one-way stopper locks on the ball). Once that was done I painted the ball ornament pitch black with the Acryllic paint, hanging it up by its own string to dry for 30 min.


Step 4:

While the paint dried, I formed the extra pieces of the “dwarf.” I cut out 2 crescent moon shaped pieces from the white foam to make the teeth and the eye whites (is it “whites” if the creature has only one eye? I don’t know). After that I made the pupil out of the red foam, and after gluing it to the white proceeded to paint on the teeth and eye slit using the same acrylic paint. (I actually made about 7 sets of teeth, as i kept messing it up.) I then made 2 “hands” by folding the ends of 2 of the pipe cleaners, and cut up 2 more to make outlines of the eye and mouth.


Step 5:

Once the paint was dry, I cut of the loop off the ornament, and then glued on the eye, lids, mouth, and lips. With that done I took one (really 2) pipe cleaner and making a ring the size of the ornament’s circumference glued it on as an outline. The two hands i then inserted into the band and glued into place.


Step 6:

(Really I had supper in between which accounts for the table being cleared up.) Once that was done I took the clear thread and looped it through the top of the dwarfs’ outline and through the vents of the back half of the hamster ball. To keep it from sliding down I hot-glued the vent shut, leaving a small hole around the thread so that i can re tread it later in case I need to repair it. Once that was done, I glued 2 pieces of clear pipe, that i had cut out with my exacto knife, to the top of the ball, one on the back half, one on the front to keep them somewhat symmetrical.the other ends of the pipe were of course stoppered with the corks.


End Result:

And that’s it My Dwarf in the flask is completed! Im pretty happy with the result, excepting the air grooves in the flask from the original Hamster ball. But that is minor inconvenience and more a knock against my shopping ability than my crafting one. Though it did allow my free-swinging Dwarf a nice place to swing from!

So do you like it? Have any good tips or tricks or even some fun projects? Feel free to comment below!


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