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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The title does in fact say “Openings and Endings”. Almost a year since I last did a list of my favorite seasonal anime endings, I am bringing them back, partially out of necessity. You see, this season I’m honestly not really “feeling” many of the openings, and as such I couldn’t even fill a full Top 10 list of just openings this season, so I’ve decided to reformat yet again as I slowly, but surely evolve my procedure each season. So here’s how it is going to work, I’m going have a two separate Top 5 lists in this article. One for openings, and one for endings.


However because of this, expect a few shows to appear on both lists. This in no way means I only saw a small amount of shows this season, rather that several of my favorite OPs and EDs this season were attached to the same shows(which isn’t that surprising, there was a decent amount of crossover between shows being represented on my opening and ending lists from the first half of last year). As for the Honorable Mentions, they will be one combined list that will have both openings and endings included. So with all that out of the way, let’s get started with the Honorable Mentions! Like always, these are merely listed in alphabetical order, rather than the order I like them.

HM - Etotama

Title: Retry Rendezvous | Artist: Rie Murakawa

I like how this opening starts out like as if it was a serious opening, but then it gets all “pathetic” and silly on us, kind of like the show itself, and especially like Nya-tan, the main character. I also like how the opening incorporates the quite frankly beautiful CGI animation used in the series. Lastly I love how Uma-tan, the girl representing the horse of the Chinese zodiac who has a complex about people forgetting who she is actually has one of the more memorable parts of the opening (the “ichi, ni, san” sequence is what I’m referring to).


HM - Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

Title: Yumeiro Parade | Artist: Rhodanthe*

This opening is just cute. That’s all there is to it. It is just adorable. Though the opening does get a bit....weird towards the end, it is still a nice feel good opening.


HM - Sound! Euphonium

Title: Dream Solister | Artist: True

Seeing how Sound! Euphonium is a series about musicians, one would expect it to have good music, including the opening and ending, and it does! The opening in particular almost made the OP list. Still one of my favorites of the season, though.


Since they air first in an episode, the openings list will be first.

#5 - My Love Story!!

Title: Miraikei Answer | Artist: Trustrick

This is a cute opening. What really makes this opening work for me is Takeo, from his facial expressions to him being King Kong in a recreation of that film’s famous Empire State Building scene. And then of course there is Yamato being adorable like always.


#4 - Punchline

Title: PUNCH LINE! | Artist: Shokotan ♥ Denpagumi

This opening is insanely catchy to me. I also love the creativity done with the credits. And yes it must be stated, there are a lot of panty shots in this opening, but that’s kind of the point, as it is one of the main aspects of the show(we all die if the MC sees too many panty shots in rapid succession).


#3 - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Title: Boku no Kotoba Dewanai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba | Artist: UVERworld

At first I thought this opening felt odd being attached to Arslan. But the more I watch it, the more I come around to it. I also quite like the song, which is the first new UVERworld song I’ve heard in years, since they did the last OP for D.Gray-man, in fact. UVERworld was one of my favorite Japanese bands from before I went on a hiatus, so it is great to get to hear new songs from them.


#2 - Blood Blockade Battlefront

Title: Hello, world! | Artist: BUMP OF CHICKEN

I like all the little touches in this opening, such as all of those pictures forming a collage of Hellsalem’s Lot and the subsequent tearing of those photos when we get a close up highlight of the various cast members. I also like how the song is rather subdued for an opening attached to a show with a decent amount of focus on action scenes, it’s a nice change of pace. This was an opening that had to grow on me, though. Admittedly I wasn’t much of a fan at first, but now several weeks later I love this opening.


#1 - Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Title: Brave Shine | Artist: Aimer

So Ufotable flexes their impressive animation muscles with their openings as well, it seems. From a pure animation standpoint, this opening is gorgeously animated. Then there is the song, which is a nice, slow build into a high powered chorus. Another thing I like is how the chorus part of this opening gives a lot of focus to Berserker and Lancer, the two Servants that this half of Unlimited Blade Works has caused me to take a complete 180 on in regards towards my perception off them. At first I greatly disliked them, but now they are probably my two favorites in Unlimited Blade Works. And of course, there’s the pure feels bomb of seeing Illya happy with Berserker. Stayy strong.....stay strong.... ;-;


And now time for the endings.

#5 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Title: Spice | Artist: Karankoron

Look, I don’t know why everyone is naked in this ending. I just know that 1) at least both the guys and girls are naked, which holds to the series’ theme of everyone being subjected to nakedness, and not just the ladies, and 2) I am glad that Fumio, the elderly dorm mother in the series isn’t one of the characters naked in this ED. Also I have to say that that is probably the happiest recreation of The Last Supper I have ever seen.


#4 - Re-Kan!

Title: Kesaran Pasaran | Artist: every♥ing

This is a cute ending with a catchy song that also serves as a “what if” kind of scenario for me. As in, what if the entire series looked like this ending? For one the visuals would greatly improve, seriously even now this ending still has better looking animation to me. Plus I think it would be even funnier if all the characters had cute chibi-like designs.


#3 - Punchline

Title: Mitsu Mitsu Mitsu | Artist: Ayumikurikamaki

This ending is just so pretty. And in more than one way. Not only is is very cute with everyone kind of looking like Funko Pop! figures, but everything is so fluidly animated. And then there is all the colors. Dear god the colors!


#2 - Blood Blockade Battlefront

Title: Sugar Song to Bitter Step | Artist: UNISON SQUARE GARDEN

As much as I like Blood Blockade Battlefront’s opening, I vastly prefer its ending. Sure it is 90% just the various cast members dancing around, but that’s why I love this ending! It perfectly fits the balance of over-the-topness, with comedy, and a hint of seriousness that the show thrives on. Blood Blockade Battlefront is, at the end of the day, just a very fun show, and this is a very fun ending. Plus, just like the show itself, this ending begs to be watched over and over just so you can pick up on all the different things going on. There’s too much stuff happening at once for you take it all in with just one viewing.


#1 - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Title: Lapis Lazuli | Artist: Eir Aoi

I love this ending. Just full on love this ending. It starts out strong with showing the gorgeously stylized portraits of our primary cast as they are surrounded by beautiful gold markings commonly found in Persian artwork, which helps play up the fact that Pars, the kingdom most of the characters comes from, is based on Persia. And then there is the song. “Lapis Lazuli” is easily the main reason this is my favorite ending, and actually my favorite theme song of the entire series, opening or ending. If this song, and specifically Eir Aoi’s singing, wasn’t this good, then this ending would be #2 behind Blood Blockade Battlefront’s ending.


And so there you have it, my personal favorite openings and endings of this season. It’s kind of funny that my top two overall favorites of the season are the endings to my two favorite shows of the season, Blood Blockade Battlefront and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. I say that because these endings usually signal that the episodes are done, save for any after credits material, and I don’t want the episodes of these shows to end. But they are just so good they actually have become part of what I am looking forward to in each episode.

Like always, leave your thoughts and comments below. If one of your favorites didn’t make any of my lists, please be more than welcome to link to them or embed them.

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