Hey, how’s it going, everyone? It’s time once again for what has become a seasonal tradition now, my seasonal list of my favorite openings and endings of the season. Only this time, I’ve done things differently. In the past I’ve had to rely on directly posting the video for each opening and ending. This time I decided to just cut the middle man out of the equation and just compile everything into a video of my own. Unlike previous seasons, though, I won’t be doing the detailed explanation as to why I like the openings and endings I picked. As such, that means there’s really not much to transcribe this time around, so unlike the last few times I’ve made a post with one of my videos in it, this one will just involve posting the video. So, hopefully you guys enjoy it, and like always, feel free to share your thoughts, and especially share the openings and endings you liked that didn’t make my list down in the comments below.