Illustration for article titled iKnights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet 9 /iNow on Netflix (Update)

Update: The anime is as expected but some worried from the trailer fully dubbed and subbed for your personal preferences.


After a slight teaser back in March Netflix has revealed the next English dubbed and subbed season of it’s “original” anime Knights of Sidonia will be streaming starting July 3rd. Knights of Sidonia was Netflix’s first attempt in the licensing and anime production market and at the time it was unknown if it was a success or failure. With today’s confirmation of the Second Season (now airing in Japan) coming back to Netflix it looks like the answer to the last question is that it was a big enough draw for a second round. Regardless I’m quite happy with the news as I rolled the dice and decided to wait and see if Netflix was releasing it. Netflix sure has been doing well with it’s anime offerings lately hasn’t it?

On a related note, Sentai Filmworks is releasing a home edition of Knights of Sidonia Season One as well. Finally here is Netflix’s official trailer for Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet 9.

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