Keijo´s Mangaka explains the Cancellation

Plus the volumes to come will have more chapters.

A few days ago the news of the sudden cancellation of the Sports manga “Keijo!!!!!!!!” where made to the public, now Daichi Sorayomi, Keijo´s creator, has spoken about such things about the cancellation:

First he says that the cancellation, or rather the order to end the series, was made even before the anime aired, by saying that after the anime had ended its run he should wrap it up.


Also he says that when he read on internet that the Blu-Ray sales of the anime where low he contacted the anime staff who told him that the numbers where correct, although it seems that “the number of digits where wrong”.

Still, he takes the blame about the cancellation on himself and his “lack of skill” plus the circumstances between him and the publisher, narrating the anecdote that for year and a half he was asking for more assistants and only received negatives with the words that the publisher couldn´t find one, so he ended up working with only one assistant and the work was so much that he even passed out for an hour.

At the same time he explains that it was explained to him that if the anime had one more sponsor it could have aired on western Japan, and that Shogakukan was not an sponsor; although he can´t confirm that last proclaim.


At the same time he speaks about his regrets that the manga was pushed to the back of the magazine (Shogakukan´s Weekly Shonen Sunday) which is the place for the least popular series. He also adds that he would like to wrap-up the story, and he even sped it up; but in the end half- year it wasn´t enough to finish it.


He also revealed that the upcoming volumes : 16,17 and 18 will get more chapters.


In the end he gives his thanks to the publisher for the chance of serializing the manga, to the fans and to the anime staff and everyone involved with it. That if it weren´t for them the manga wouldn´t have endured the half-year it was given to finish it.

Via: Anime News Network

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