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Update: It seems that the Sorayami´s quote (bellow) its fake.

Due to the lack of success of the Anime

It has been announced that the Ecchii/ Sports Manga “Keijo!!!!!!!!” is ending and the final chapter is coming soon; still the manga will still publish the Volumes 16,17 and 18 of the manga, making for it´s final appeareance in July.


The reason for it´s cancellation is due to the lack of succes of the anime in advertising the manga and boosting its sales.

Daichi Sorayami, the Mangaka, has said the next regarding the news (via fan translation):

“I’m very sorry to write this but the timeline was not on my side. You see, the editor came to me last week and informed myself to increase the popularity of Keijo!!! This is not something you can do overnight. I was lost for words, as I believed we were doing fine in rankings. Today, I was informed by my editor that my manga is being removed due to the poor reception of the anime. The anime failed to make an impact, for advertising purposes, and the studio is carrying that loss because of it. It is my fault, and I am sorry. The source material should have been better and I’ve done a great burden. I was actually very surprised by the reception overseas. In various conversations, I was told it was greatly talked about in America. I’m glad some of you enjoyed it, but I’m sorry once again for failing. My sincerely apologies to Takahashi-san and XEBEC.”


Here on AniTay, the manga got covered , you can watch the chapter articles here.

If you ask me, it is such a pity that the manga was cancelled due to the poor reception of the anime and even more that the Mangaka had to apologize for it; at the same time I truly liked both the anime and the Manga, since it always managed to impress me with the things that it can pull it off, and for the premise, it was very profound... Like a “I came for the boobs; but I stayed for the action” kind of way.


Thanks to Koda Kazar for the tip!

Via: Anime News Network

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