Today, I'll be featuring an artist quite well-known in Japan, a favorite of many teens. But how many of us know her?

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Artist Name - Kana Nishino

Genre(s) - Pop, R'nB

Active Period - 2008-present

Label(s) - Aniplex (2008-2009)

SME Records (2009-)

Website -

Album(s) -

  1. Love One.
  2. To Love
  3. Thank You, Love
  4. Love Place
  5. With Love

Anime Discography

1. Style.


Some of you may recognize this from the great anime Soul Eater, for it was the second ED. It is best described as a wistful song, and it is one of the very few anime OSTs Kana Nishino has done. Her voice is quite high pitched, though it doesn't grate, unlike Kana Hanazawa(I'm sorry, but listen to Cocytus and you'll know my pain.)

Other Awesome Songs

The three following songs, are included in her latest album, With Love.

2. Suki


Her 25th single, Suki was released to much acclaim, peaking out at number 4 in Japan. It's gentle lyrics, combined with her voice, create a very mellow performance. Speaking of gentle love, and learning hoe to express it, Suki stays among my top J-pop songs; it's amazing.

3. Koisuru Kimochi


Slightly more upbeat, is Koisuru Kimochi. Also a love song, it's about the feelings and reasons behind love.

4. Sayonara


And last but not least, is a more emotional song, speaking of loss and goodbyes.

I find Kana Nishino to be an awesome artist, I mean, come on. 25 singles and 5 albums in 7 years is amazing. It's truly a testament to the amount of work she has put into her singing career. So here's the end of this Artists You Should Know, and I hope you've enjoyed it!


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