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Clamp will be making the Original Chracter design.

The Official website of the Anime adaptation of Kabukibu! has revealed that in the month of April the anime will premier.


At the same time, Clamp group will be making the designs of the original characters. Also the new visual which you can see above it was made by Clamp.

Kazuhiro Yoneda (Yona of the Dawn) is directing the anime at Studio DEEN; Yoshiko Nakamura (Monthly Girl´s Nozaki-Kun) is in charge of the scripts and Majiro (Macross Delta) is adapting Clamp´s designs.


Anime News Network describes the storya s follows:

“The series revolves around Kurogo Kurusu, a high school student who loves kabuki so much that it’s annoying. Kurogo yearns to perform kabuki as part of a club at his school, but currently his school doesn’t have a kabuki club. So Kurogo sets out to create a kabuki club, and his first order of business is to gather members. ”


Via: Anime News Network

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