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Made by the Team behind Attack on Titan Anime.

The Original Anime made by Fuji Tv and the Team behind the Anime adaptation of Attack on Titan has revealed it´s premier date on the newest Trailer they released.

The Commercial was also aired.

On March 2016 an Special Prologue will be aired on selected Movie Theathers.

Slated as a “steampunk survival action” the Anime takes us to the Island Country Hinomoto, were Humans hide themselves on Fortress called Stations since outside a some form of Zombies with hearths of Iron (Kabane) are rampaging outside. The people moves from Station to Station thaks to trains.


The Director is Tetsumo Araki (Attack on Titan)

The Aimation Studio is Wit Studio (Attack on Titan)

The Writter is the Code Geass Creator Ichiro Okuchi (Code Geass)

The Music is made by Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan)

The Character Design is Haruhiko Mikimoro (Macross 7)

Via: Anime News Network


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