World famous visual novel author Jun Maeda very proudly showcased his new visual novel, Club Bliss! in front of a sold out Arby’s in the back of Concourse B at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport earlier today.


“I felt really good about this one, you guys.” Maeda beams, “I really think that you will like this plot. It is basically Little Busters! with four times as many girls in it.”

From the details he shared on the back of napkins a la JK Rowling writing about Dumbledore’s preferences for boning writing the first Harry Potter novel on McDonald’s napkins, it appears Club Bliss! will follow the trend of two word titles with exclamation points. Umu. The plot still hasn’t been shared in full, but players will take over the perspective of a young man who gets recruited into his class’ podcasting club.

Look for the visual novel on shelves at your local Publix as soon as 2019. Up next is Dixon Piper with your sports scores.

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