Japanese Person gives his impression to Latin America Voice Actors

Stop By Ramen is a growing Japanese Food Chain Restaurant here in México (Puebla to be specific), founded by Japanese people with food from that country, well... Their founders/workers also have a “Side-Job” called “StopBy Studios” where they get to tell us their impressions of México, how it´s living in here and what diferences are compared to Japan, also some Japanese lessons and Japanese food recipes, and so forth.

In any case, Hiro, of StopBy Studios asked the past week about what should be his new video, being the big winner the topic about his impressions on Latin American Voice Actors for some Anime Characters. Here it is the video:

His Opinions are (in short form) as follows:

Adult Goku- Dragon Ball Z

Voice Actor: Mario Castañeda (Kanon in Saint Seiya and the voice of Bruce Willis and Jim Carrey in various movies)


His Opinion: He sounds like an old man, in Japan Goku sounds younger.

Conan Edogawa- Detective Conan (Case Closed)

Voice Actrress: Marcela Bordes (Ch. 1-123) and Consuelo Pizarro (124 to this day)

His Opinion: It truly nails it! It gives the same air as in Japan.

Monke D. Luffy- One Piece

Voice Actor: Unknown (From the Iberic Spanish dub)

His Opinion: Nope... He didn´t liked it, also he detected too that the accent wasn´t from Latin America. Also his sound in Japan sounds more girlish since Luffy has a voice actress.


Light Yagami- Death Note

Voice Actor: Manuel Campusano (Yui in Gundam Wing; Dohko in Lost Canvas; Urahara in Bleach)


His Opinion: His voice is deeper... Since in Japan Light sounds more inocent; still he likes the voice.

Inu Yasha- Inu Yasha

Voice Actor: Enzo Fortuny (Drake Bell in Drake & Josh; Arnold in Hey Arnold!;the voice of the commercials in Disney XD channel)


His Opinion: Nailed it 100%! Perfect with Inu Yasha personality...Also he wonders if the short showed was the ideal one.

He also checked the first Opening of Pokémon, although he didn´t gave an opinion.


If you wanna check their other videos (because you want to practice your japanese, or spanish...Or both or for whatever reason) you can check their Youtube Channel or their Facebook Page ( Here for the Restaurant One )

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