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Describing the current state of Japanese copyright law as “exploitative,” groups pushing for the ban of the depiction of minors in pornographic content finally achieved victory today when they secured a government promise to create legislation to address the issue.

“To be honest, most of these weirdos will find a way around it anyways, but I figured we at least need to make it so that when they do they are breaking the law,” activist Tatsumi Tanaka told reporters.


“I see this as an issue of censorship,” said one counter-protester. “It’s about freedom of speech, not the fact that I want to view the depiction of minors in sexually compromising positions.”

Indeed, a large collection of counter-protesters had gathered around the group of protesters to decry what they called “censorship.”

“Otaku are the single most discriminated-against class in the modern world. Everything we love is constantly being taken away from us by these people. They are out to ruin our hobbies, and I won’t take it sitting down,” one shouted at the press.

“How could they? How could they?” sobbed one man wearing a t-shirt of what appeared to be the image of an anime girl engaged in a sexual act of some kind.


Famous animator Hayao Miyazaki was also present at the rally, but when the counter-protesters appeared he seemed to suffer some bout of sudden illness and fled the scene before he could be reached for comment.

It remains unclear what concrete measures, if any, the Japanese government actually plans to take, but activists like Tanaka aren’t holding their breath.


“Just because the government has told us that they will consider legislation on the issue doesn’t mean that the final result will be the answer that we are all looking for. We won’t stop the fight until we can re-establish some sort of human decency.”

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