Illustration for article titled Japan Announces Cure to Coronavirus: Binge-watching Copious Amounts of iMy Hero Academia/i

In a stunning announcement late on April 1st, Japan’s ministry proclaimed that they found a remedy to COVID-19: watching seasons worth of MHA for hours on end.


“Yeah, oddly enough the shonen series seems to do to the trick. And before you say “isn’t the social distancing required to watch a lot of anime be what’s causing cases to go down instead?”, to which I must answer that given this country’s suspiciously low number of cases, it has to be what’s being watched that’s driving them down instead. I mean, it’s not like we’re downplaying our numbers in a vain, futile, and stupid attempt to keep the Olympics in 2020, or anything like that...”

The health minister who made this announcement then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


And in other news, half of anitay’s staff have gone into self-induced quarantine, given that (to them) sitting through a kids show is on par with contracting an unpleasant disease.

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