I've Been Listening to Rina Katahira and You Should Be Too

Recently I've been listening to a number of Rina Katahira's songs and she's definitely a musician who should be on everyone's radars.

Who is she?

Rina Katahira is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Fukushima, Japan who after winning a national singing contest for teenagers was a part of Sony's PlayYou project which sponsored a number young musicians back in 2011. For those curious, PlayYou was a project which paid a basic salary and accommodations for promising young musicians for one year, allowing them to develop their talent. Goose house was also a product of this project and occasionally has Rina perform with them during their live streams.


Her Work:

Rina recently released her first full album "Amazing Sky" in August 2014 and has a new EP called Everyone/Smoky coming out on February 25th, 2015.

The track "Coming Home" is a particular favourite of mine and details her coming back to Fukushima after living in Tokyo. This song conveys her happiness to be coming back to her hometown and I thought was a standout on her album.

You can see more of her videos on her youtube channel here:


Bonus! This is her performing her song "Girls Don't Cry" with Kei Takebuchi:

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