Today’s March 31st... which means that it’s April Fools in Japan. Key, like everyone else and like they normally do, have made some movie “announcements”, but inside their joke could have actually be holding a real announcement... a Planetarian movie.

On Key’s website today, they announced such jems like Mahou no Daisan Wakusei” Creamy☆Kagarin! (Rewrite Joke), Masato - The Raging Muscle of Death (Little Busters), and Chibimoth’s heartful hide and seek (Rewrite), but inside this announcement was a little window to Planetarian, and unlike the others, that’s clickable. It leads to a video clip of a full legit 45 second PV for a presumed anime movie of Planetarian.

Considering that it’s April Fools in japan, many people are conflicted on if it’s real or not. Evidence seems to point twords real considering this is a fair amount of work just for Aprils fools joke, but common sense says otherwise. I was a big fan of it’s Visual Novel and I really hope this is real, but you never know on this day, they could just be trolling us all. What’s your thoughts on this? Please leave your comments down below, I’m interested in hearing about it.

Source: Kazamatsuri

[Update 4/2/16] - The anime has been verified to be real! David Productions is handling it, and stated that there will be a web event on the 15th to detail more about it.


Source - Anime News Network