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Hello all! Hope Winter 2017 has been treating you well. Just wanted to let you all in on a new thing some of us here are going to try out and see how it goes- essentially a (hopefully) weekly mailbag blog for questions to the AniTAY team.


Simply put, all you need to do is ask anything you have been curious about or wanting to hear and address it to any one or more of our writers in the link below. If you want to just ask us as a whole, your questions will be presented and as a group we will come up with replies. If you want someone specifically to answer, I will reach out to the author here for thoughts or answers to whatever it may be you’re inquiring about. Once you are finished, just let us know who you are so we can put you in the credits for the question!

Hopefully with enough feedback, we can keep this going weekly. This is an outstanding platform for us to interact and answer some big questions many of you might have!


AniTAY Mailbag Question Inbox

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