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Turn 45: Deus Ex Machina


The Chapter starts with some little time in the past, when Chris gave Ibuki a some device/USB where he explains that after some investigations towards Chrono and Chrono Dran, he has come to develop something that might bring Chrono Dran back, even if it´s for a little time.

After that the match between Ibuki and Ryuzu is going to begin! We get to see the scene of the last chapter where Chrono and the other Arbiters are going in though.

The match between Ryuzu and Ibuki continues.

Ryuzu starts making his moves, and his Gear Chronicle deck is an specialized one in the ability of “Bind” which is to say, in a sort of speak, taking a card out of the game (like in Yu-Gi-Oh!) and by binding his own units he gets especial effects, the units that he is Binding are, you know it, the Zodiac Time Beasts! When he does that the satellite where they are being held is moving, Ryuzu says that it´s destiny being engraved.


In any case he attacks; but the fight is still young so Ibuki can´t loose in this point!

Ibuki´s turn starts and he wonders what Ryuzu is trying to do with this Bind thing. In any case, he attacks and when he does Jaime, Kamui and the Branch Chiefs wakes up!


They can see the units in this plane! Obviously because this is like a portal to another dimension or something :P In any case, Kamui receives a call from Mamoru and the other Branch Chiefs and basically they say that everyone suddenly fell asleep, and that a fight is occurring inside that pillar of light.

Back at the fight, Ryuzu brings his main Unit ChronoFang Tiger! He Binds and returns a unit to Ibuki´s deck, nasty! Ryuzu Attacks and the attack comes through! Meanwhile Kamui and Jaime tries and fail to enter! This is not their fight it seems.

It´s Ibuki´s turn now and he bring the Alter Ego Messiah and after that brings his G4 Card Flagiolet Messiah! Ibuki starts doing some good moves locking and unlocking (featuring Omega locking) and attacks! And the attack comes through!


Ryuzu says the specialty of the Messiah units, locking and unlocking, which grants them powers… Still, no matter how many people Ibuki tries to set free, nothing that can make the sin that he did go away… The horrible act he tried to do some time ago; but even him will be saved by the perfect future.


It´s Ryuzu´s turn and he brings his G4 Card! Deus Ex Machina Ergos! Ryuzu starts binding like a mad man and giving other effect to his units! Ryuzu attacks and Ibuki Blocks!

Ibuki starts remembering that time, the time when he committed a Sin, one that can´t be forgiven, when, driven by anger and desire for revenge on this world, he joined the deletors in order to show that Vanguard is a cursed game, destroy such game and finally all the life in both worlds, his intentions were stopped thanks to the combined efforts of Aichi and Kai who awoken the Neon Messiah and brought the G4 Cards to this world, after that Aichi gave Ibuki the Neon Messiah card, in order for him to be reborn again.


After that Ibuki started wandering through the world in seek for redemption, it wasn´t until he meet Rive and he explained him all about Ryuzu and his maddening intentions for this world and the units one. Ibuki was glad! He finally found redemption something that will atone for his sins! If he is able to stop Ryuzu then he will make even with the world. Rive gave him the Gear Chronicle Deck and the instructions of give him and taking care of Chrono, the one who will be an important piece in all of this…

…And so Ibuki did that, he gave Chrono the deck and was checking on him, even from the Shadows, he always though that if Chrono wasn´t suitable for this task then he will took care directly of this at any given time. Still there was something that Ibuki found in Chrono… How he was so shut down with the world, how he distanced himself from others… Everything remembered of himself when he had his age, that was something that truly angered him, maybe that´s why he was so hard on him.

At the same time, he started to see how Chrono opened his world by himself, he started making friends and opened the door to a new future. Watching all of that was infuriating, frustrating… And fun. Now he also believes in Chrono, he believes and knows that he is able to move on his own, that he is not needed anymore…


… And for that he is fighting!!

Ibuki brings hi G4 Card! Flageolet Messiah! Ibuki starts doing some awesome moves that if it were another person or another chapter would have brought him victorious! Still he doesn´t managed to do any damage to Ryuzu who is able to block every attack!


Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn. And he brings his G4 Card! ChronoTiger Rebellion! Which gets stronger for every 2 cards in the Bind Zone! Nasty! Ryuzu start doing his moves which are starting to juggle with the deck, Soul, Bind zone and everything in order to give more power!

Ryuzu attacks and Ibuki barely manages to block such monstruosity!


Ryuzu brings his G4 Card! Excelics Messiah! And starts doing his moves! Still he isn´t able to do any damage to Ryuzu.

<<<Messiah… I See. The savior who couldn´t save the world>>> Ryuzu says those words and adds that he will save the world, no matter what sacrifice or consequences might come! … Ok, this guy definitely has a god complex now.

Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn and he binds the last Zodiac Time Beast… Chrono Dran. Ryuzu brings his G4 Card, the union of the 12 Zodiac Time Beasts!


Deuz Ex Machina, Demiurge! Demiurge´s Skill is activated, he returns the 12 Zodiac Time Beasts to the drop zone and from there to the deck. A perfect future! Besides that When Demiurge attacks the opponent can´t block with a grade 1 or higher! Uh-Oh!

Ryuzu attacks! Ibuki blocks qith everything he has, still in the checks Ryuzu gets the needed triggers…


<<<This is indeed…When you´ll be saved>>> Ryuzu says with a twisted smile.

Ibuki enters in his “perfect future” which is basically a series of memories from when he was indeed happy, playing with Kai and Miwa, his only true friends… But also seeing how Chrono got to growth and how he was able to see all of it. Ho Chrono developed, and how Happy Ibuki is to see all of it. Finally, he gets to see an image of Adult Chrono.


He prays that he would really like to see this image in the true future too… But right now, he has a mission to accomplish…

Needless to say, Ibuki has lost.

Ibuki wakes up and activates the device that Chris gave him! He is going to awake Chrono Dran! Ryuzu notices it and brings ChronoFang Tiger to this reality in order to attack Ibuki!


Chrono Dran Wakes up and Ibuki receives the attack of ChronoFang Tiger!!

<<<Grasp the future, Chrono…>>>


Chrono where he is, can see how some gears forms in front of him as a some form of platforms. The way to where Ryuzu is has been cleared. At the same time, Chrono Dran, and of course Chrono Jet and ChronoDragon Nextage, has come back to him. Chrono is ready to face Ryuzu and beat him!... Although he wonders why they came back?

Ibuki is in a platform, lied down and defeated with a smile on his face, his metal piece of cloth, who was shinning stops doing it…


End of the chapter.

My Impressions

Mind Blown!! I mean this was a good episode; but man that ending!! I mean, I don´t know if Ibuki is dead or what! Everything points that he is indeed dead.


I have to say too that I was on the verge of tears in Ibuki´s last moments (the next chapter discourse didn´t helped either). Man one can see that Mamoru Miyano (the voice actor) gave his all in order to transmit Ibuki´s feelings!

In any case, most of the turns had great moves, where one could clearly see the strengths of Ryuzu and Ibuki strategies, at the same time a lot of big powers! If this wouldn´t be an obvious loose for Ibuki, I would have bet that he would have won.

In another note, it is interesting to see some snipsets about the Movie “Neon Messiah” and how the results of such movie made him go in search of redemption.


In the same note, it was nice to see how much Ibuki truly cares for Chrono, as he said, maybe because he was just the same as his when he had his age, stll he is proud how Chrono has developed and how he has opened a door for a new future, instead of shutting in and wanting to delete everything like he did in the past.

Finally dat look of Adult Chrono! I wonder if Chrono will have that look in the next season? In any case it was a very good chapter indeed!

Anyway, my two cents, see ya next time!