In the spirit of full disclosure, here's some of the statistics and opinions from the 2015 Ani-TAY Survey that are already starting to shape policy going forward.

General Information

  • Over 50% of respondents came here because of Kotaku roundups, followed at 23% from crossposts to other Kinja blogs.
  • Over 42% of you identify as "All the time" readers, followed closely by 41% identifying as "Frequent" readers.
  • The two most important aspects of Ani-TAY are overwhelmingly Friendly Atmosphere and Community Engagement with 82% and 66%.
  • Over 50% of respondents enjoy reading reviews most often. This is followed at 21% and 18% by Collaborative Articles and Opinion Articles.


  • Over 50% of respondents identify as "Lurkers".
  • When asked why, the majority of lurkers preferred to not comment in general. Some, however, gave a specific reason. Many said they were too new to anime to make a contribution, or were somewhat confused by the process Ani-TAY employs in some way.
  • Some lurkers believed at one point that Ani-TAY was professionally written, not community-driven

The Future

  • On the subject on Ani-TAY's future going forward, over 53% of respondents agree that they want Ani-TAY to be listed as a Kotaku sub-blog like TAY.

The survey is ongoing and these may not be completely indicative of the final tally sometime next week.

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