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Now let´s go tot he Chapter!

Chapter 36


The Chapter starts exactly were the past left off… With Death Mask alive again. Both Elda and Ryuthos are flabergassted by such event.

Ryuthos takes out his bow and decides to attack!

The arrow, when it was about to reach Death mas starts spinning in the air and goes back to it´s shooter!


Still Elda comes in and saves the boy! Ryuthos warns her about the strength of this evil presence! Elda is not amused by it. Death Mask reveals to both of them that he has gotten a new body and life…Elda starts laughing.

She gives her thanks to any Deity who did this… Because that way she can kick his ass!


Elda Attacks using her technique! The Greatest Eruption!

The flames extinguishes and the smoke starts going away. Ryuthos is amazed by such technique! He wonders if she was able to beat him; the Cassiopeia Saintia warns the kid and tells him to run!


Death Mask starts laughing behind the flames, he says that she didn´t used all of her power in order to protect that brat?! Stupid!

Death Mask is holding the Greatest Eruption in his hand and saying that this technique is better when you don´t care about their surroundings or the lives of others. Ryuthos feels bad since if it weren´t for him Elda could have made some more damage to Death Mask.


The former Cancer Gold Saint keeps talking saying that caring about others in a fight is just dumb; that is a lesson for her, still Elda tells Ryuthos that she will never fight like Death Mask does.

Death Mask decides to return the attack and kill both persons; but something stops him.


Callisto has decided to interfere. Death Mask laughs and decides to leave, Elda ask him if he is going with Eris, which Death Mask answer with a “I Don´t know. I will go an decide who I want to serve” answer; before leaving he returns the Greatest Eruption, although that thing won´t kill them anymore though.

Elda protects Ryuthos and her armor starts breaking; her hatred for him still continues…Memories from her past, for when she was a Student at the Saintia Academy and Elda as s child appears…


Later Ryuthos is looking at the light with Callisto, the leader of the Satellites warns him to not to get involved again with any stranger; Ryuthos accepts with a sad face.

He asks what will be of Elda; since she saved him and protected him even though he was just in the way. Callisto answer that the place where she is is no longer part of the Olympus and it has been cut off. Also that it is disgusting the fact that she has brought such being from her own hatred; Callisto adds that Ryuthos must not involve anymore with the Saintias.


Callisto ends saying that they must do something soon about the other one…Kathya.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Another short chapter, though this must be because Chimaki was busy going to France for the Japan Expo…And checking out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild :P.


In any case this short confrontation ended and now Elda´s whereabouts are unknown, now it´s the turn to Kathya! I wonder how she will deal with her admiration/ love for Saga.

Now… As I said above, Chimaki was in the Japan Expo for a Panel, so here are some bullet points! (the ones I remember anyway :P)

- Chimaki says that it is equally hard drawing a Saint as is drawing a Gundam, since both have lots of little details.


- The reason she is the Mangaka of Saintia Sho started with a little commentary that she did to her Editor, where she said that she is a Saint Seiya Fan, then her Editor contacted someone who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew that Kurumada was searching for someone for a new Saint Seiya Spinoff… And that´s how it went.

- Besides Saint Seiya, she is a Fan of Gundam and Dragon Ball.

-She likes all the works of Saint Seiya, even Omega, since each new entry brings something interesting and new to the series.


- The easiest character to draw is Shoko, although that might be because she gets to draw her a lot, so she got used to it.

- Her favorite character is Aquarius Camus, specially his fight against his disciple Hyoga.

- All the scripts she does, she sends a copy to Kurumada in order to get his approval and or any recommendations regarding the history.


- Kurumada has told her that if she wants she can get a little more derivative and contradictory with the story (ergo not following the Canon), having the only condition that the history has to have the “Saint Seiya Spirit”.

- She has to Re-read the original manga a lot of times in order to align with the history.

- Before working in Saintia Sho she was working on her own original Manga in order to get published, so she had to choose between working in a Spinoff or in her own original work… It´s obvious what she choose.


- Before being Mangaka she made illustrations for Light Novels and such.

- She is amazed at Kurumada´s will of letting so many people work in one of his works, (Okada with Episode G, Teshirogui with Lost Canvas and herself with Sho).

- She is more fan of the manga than the anime.

Anyway, my two cents…So see ya next time and happy reading!