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Since This is the Second entrance of these series here. Here is the link for the first one (includes a summary of the events!)

And now to the Chapter 18!:

Cassiopeia Erda and the Great Eruption!.


Here we see this nice chick, Erda, the Saintia of The Cassiopeia Constellation. She rides a bike, so she´s cool now.

Anyway, she is going to the Swiss Alps.


Why she is going there?. Well, that is the place where it´s the Sacred Academy Founded by the Graad Corporation (Which happens to be Saori´s Company).

On the Outside is a normal Female Only Internship where Brilliant Girls Study.


But in truth is the place were the girls train in order to become Saintias someday.

Everything looked normal until a strange pressence comes. Tio, the blond teacher, sensing the impeding danger order her student to prepare to defend the academy and to rescue the freshman!.


It´s enemy with a single finger destroy the place.


When Erda reach her destination this is what she see.

She found Tio who told her with her last breath that one powerful enemy came and destroyed everything.


That enemy comes, laughing and mocking, saying that "One Insect survived".

That enemy is not other but Death Mask, the Gold Saint of Cancer!.


After more mocking, Erda had enough and prepares to battle him!.

Cassiopeia Erda is ready!. And..


Makes her technique!!. The Greath Eruption!!.



Only cut three hairs of Death Mask. Good thing that he doesn´t have a fabolous hair or she could get in trouble!.

Now Death Mask attacks. And with a single hit.


She´s done for. But that is not enought for god Ol´Death Mask and prepare his technique.


¡Infernal Waves! (Or Ondas Infernales, as is called in Spanish).

Angry and Frustrated, Erda is abou to die. But in that instant something is coming to her.


"Is Your Desir to be Strongher?!.

"Who is there?!"

"Do you want the strenght to defeat tha Gold Saint who you hate so much?".


"My Armor... Is becoming Black?"

"Reborn and become one of our allies!".

"What an unpleasant Sensation".

All those that were happening to Erda, while her armor and soul were becoming black.


And surprisingly Death Mask saves her!.


A Confussed Erda ask him what is happening.

Death Mask told her that his main objective has come, The Dryads!, the Eris Army!. And he is going to destroy them.


He explain her that the Dryads come when there is anguish and suffering in the world, so the Saintia Academy was the perfect place for the "Sacrifice" so they would come.

The Dryads are trying to get Death Mask so he becomes part of their army.


But Death Mask refusses it and destroy them.

Erda tries tor ationalize what is happening and say that maybe the destruction of the Saintia Academy was necesary in order to destroy the Dryads.


Death Mask Mocks her and say that no. It only was the fastest possible, that the Dryads would have revealed either way. But this is the fastest way possible and he also can destroy the weak insects who opposse the Sanctuary.

After that he attacks Erda. but only knock her out.


When she comes to her senses she is alone now.

Angry and frustrated. She repeats the name of her new enemy... Death Mask...of Cancer.


(Also there is an announcement that the 20 of February it will come the Volume 4 of this Manga).

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My Oppinion.

Well, this was a "Shoko-less" Episode. But a Good one!, and more importantly, an important one. Because we get to see the last characther who appeared in the prologue chapter, Erda of Cassiopeia (who i found to be hawt, just an opinion). Also it remember us that there is an enemy that it still not destroyed and that is Eris, the Dryads still are trying to resurect her. And if you ask me, in the upcoming chapters we surely will see more of them.


Also, we see a Death Mask who is true to his version in the original Manga, ergo a Blood Lustful man who if is possible, he will make all the collateral damage he can, only because for him doing that is fun.

And well (Somewhat spoilers) too bad that , if you are a fan of Saint Seiya, you know that Erda will never have her revenge against him!.

Well those are my two cents.

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