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Part 5: Chapter 23: Grass Vow.


The Chapter starts with a quick memoryā€¦ When the Pocket Monks had their first encounter with the NintenrudoĀ“s Empire and their Emperor Marcus.

The Pocket Monks, while wary at first they came with an agreement with the Ultimate Killer.


Back at the present the 151 Pocket Monks are still trapped inside the SorunaĀ“s battleship; suddenly the SorunaĀ“s leader appears in the Tv and he has some surprise for the Pocket Monksā€¦ Gas.

The Gas is taking the place and everyone starts feeling their effects. All the Monks who are strong enough to attack tries to destroy the walls with everything they have to no avail; soon enough the weaker ones start falling and the stronger ones feels the effect of the gas.

Pirika starts feeling the desperation by seeing everyone she loves dying little by little; Miu the 151 Pocket Monk starts telling something that can at the very least not be the end of the Pocket Monksā€¦ To use in a massive way their Killer abilities.


Killer, the especial kind of warrior who is able to absorb another persons and strength themselves, still a Killer can only absorb so much people depending on their marks; for that Miu says that if they organize well and the Pocket Monks absorb each other thenā€¦ In the end every single power of the 151 of them will be in one. The power of oneā€¦

Still there is only one who has the capacity to contain so much power and itĀ“sā€¦


Part5: Chapter 24: Pressing Up.


Each and every one of the Pocket Monks start fusing between them, some of them decide to say a last word to their loved ones or even a sudden love confession; soon enough only 5 Pocket Monks are left. Pirika has some doubts, thing that annoys Miu-tsu.

The NĀ°150 Pocket Monk attacks Pirika and she is able to counter the attack!... That is the proof, she is the one. Miu-Tsu embraces her and starts crying, the will of 151 Pocket Monks will live within her.


Soon enough Pirika absorbs almost all of themā€¦

Part 5: Chapter 25: Saying LA LA LA


Only 2 Pocket Monks are in there now: Pirika and Miu. Pirika is very sad, she is a Killer. That means that she has Killed her friends only to her to survive!

Miu tells her thatĀ“s not true, by absorbing them she has given them an opportunity to keep existing inside of her. Miu holds her hand and Pirika is able to see and hear the other 149 Pocket Monks, they give her encouragement words, each and every one of them.

Pirika, with tears in her eyes embraces Miu who embraces her back. Soon the 151 Pocket Monk disappears, leaving only Pirika in there.


Part 5: Chapter 26: Pirika

Pirika uses her power and is able to free herself! She looks at the enemies and she is ready to attack now! She attacks the battle ship and everyone is flashed for the lightning bolt!


The damages are severe and Pirika moves at the speed of light attacking the giant monster attacking NintenrudoĀ“s castle!

Finally she is alongside Marcus and Zerig fighting to protect what is theirs and she even remembers the vow the Pocket Monks made with Nintenrudo, such thing will never be broken!


Part 5: Chapter 27; The Bell Rings

The siege at NintenrudoĀ“s castle continues and while Pirika is very strong she is only one against a whole army of Soruna soldiers who attack the castle and eliminate both civilians and wounded soldiers; the first persons to be shooted.


While the things looks gritty to Nintenrudo, there is a confident smile in ZerigĀ“s face, the man who can solve any riddle has something prepared nowā€¦

A huge outcry is heard and Zerig has initiated the plan! He starts rememberingā€¦ How Nintenrudo was left behind, when other innovations like the Cd-Bd where used, how these kind of advancements made the user more stronger and faster by enhancing their natural abilitiesā€¦


Still, they are killers and most of them have become stronger thanks to absorbing others, those painful sacrifices made them stronger, in truth they are walking graveyards, stillā€¦ those people had some powerful techniques, other way of thinking, in truth sometimes one would like to ask them or to lend them more power; something that could open that doorā€¦ And Zerig has the key for that. Zerig puts an stylus in his forehead and can even see what was once just a screen reflecting oneself it became 2; a Dual Screenā€¦

ā€¦ The Dual Screens. Zerig see the other person, the one he absorbed once; but itĀ“s not only himself: Mota, Marcus, Fare, everyone is seeing those persons they had to absorb in order to keep going forward, those strengths of the past. Are coming at them!


Every Nintenrudo General has new forces and everyone start attacking and defeating the Soruna soldiers! In big quantities!

Part 5: Chapter 28: The Wrecking Team


The Combat continues and the balance goes towards NintenrudoĀ“s favor, finally! Still the big monster and the Collosus are still out there!

Marcus Jump and tries to attack the colossus; but he isnĀ“t able to do it! Still there is another member of the crew who can wreck him!


Gurigi has jumped and is about to stomp the head of the Collosus with his powerful jump! Marcus takes the opportunity and jumps 2!

Both Brothers have jumped the ginormous head of the Collosus!! They are wrecking it!


Zerig looks happily at the scene, certainly the shadow of that Collosus will no more obscure the terrain of Nintenrudo.

End of the Chapters.

My Impressions

Very good chapters all around! It was a good impact on the feels the whole thing with the Pocket Monks and the sacrifice they had to do in order to help Pirika to survive and pass.


Now also it is a good thing that Nintenrudo is starting to fight back since as I have said previously, it was tiresome to see Soruna winning in everything, now at the very least they are sweating.

This is also the yearly cover up of World War Blue, this is most likely due that the Web Manga has become truly sporadic. Thing that it is understandable since Crimson is busy with her (yes, it seems Crimson is a She and not a He) Manga in Young Magazine and with her works on her erotic stories, still it is nice that from time to time she throws a bone to people like me who are more into her non erotic work than the one made for the arousal of people.

In any case the things are looking good and here it is for another good year until more World War Blue material comes out!


Anyway, My two cents and happy reading!