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Chapter 21: [HAL] Wind´s Helmet.


Zerig has went to the [HAL] Laboratory. The guys in there want them to grab it´s projects. Since that would be that their work and jobs had been saved.

Zerig checks out and it looks like that in the end he is not very interested on anything they have to offer.


Until a Wall breaks up and Carbai appears from there! She has a cute looking sword and it looks like she wants to confront the Man who can solve every puzzle!

Both of them are fighting!

It looks like Carbai can copy to perfection every move that Zerig does without much problem! The fight is so big that their powers can destroy the ground they have their feet on!


After the fight Zerig asks if She is one of their projects. Which the people says yes…

With that. Zerig decides to took Carbai under his wing and make her big inside Nintenrudo Sides!

What happens after that…It is story (that you can get by buying the volumes on Amazon :P)


We are on the present now and Rararoro´s Barrier have been broken! Still she will protect Carbai even if she has to sacrifice her body!

The Merciless Pirate decides to attack but an equal force projects against him!

Carbai has woken up and has learned the I.Vazer Ray! (I.Vazer= Space Invaders) Carbai keeps attacking while Rararoro remembers her prowers at the time of copying habilities!


Carbai makes her final attack!

And both girls have defeated the Pirate!! That was hard!

Chapter 22: Everytime More Soul!

Meanwhile Gear has it rough fighting against those 3 Pirates who has copied the habilities of Marcus (Mario), Tejirof (Tetris) and Myomuto (Dragon Quest)! How will Gear get out of this predicament?!


On Another part. Carbai and Rararoro are resting after the battle against the Pirate who copied I.Vazer (Space Invaders) but their rest is short since 2 Pirates have appeared! They look like the already Deceased Kong (Donke Kong) and Pacnos (Pac-Man)!

On Another part. Isabelle, The Villager and the guy who won the E3 Tournament are with the refugees of the Village. They are worried about what is happening outside.


Now we are finally back at the Siege of Nintenrudo Castle! Crystal (Final Fantasy) and Myomuto (Dragon Quest) have finally reached their destination and are going to fight once and for all!

Until a guy who is part of the group that in truth rules over Slovia (Square) has come to witness the battle. Myomuto is annoyed by the presence of him, since they obviously aren´t good news…Specially for Crystal who in the past got abused by them when she tried to defeat them…But that´s ancient history now.


Back at the Nintenrudo Castle.

Zerig has defeated a lot of those Machines and Zorudia´s Soldiers now! But still it looks like the Zorudia´s Forces have no end!

On his Side, Marcus is defeating everyone and showing why he is the perfect Killer (IP)!! The Toro Taro Guy is amazed and already knows why Marcus is the Jump Man and the Emperor of Nintenrudo. But still, he won´t give up! He won´t forgot and won´t forgive the time when his people where oppressed and cheated by both Nintenrudo and Segua!


Marcus is coming closer to him and fighting him it´s bad news!

Until this dude appears! He has…Some vibrators on his shoulders…Ok… Oh! Integrated Motion! Those things truly vibrated back in the day!


Well this person will bring the heavy cavalry and has fused with a lot of stuff! Marcus could do something against those prowers?!

Chapter 22 Part II: Everytime More Soul Sequel!


That guy tries to attack him but Marcus is truly agil and can avoid the attack easily enough! Marcus now prepares to attack and defeat the guy by jumping on his head like any Kuriboh out there!

Marcus Jumps but someone got in his way…Pacnos.

Pacnos attacks him! Pacnos why U so Evil?!


Pacnos tries to attack him again with his technique! But Marcus is prepared!

The Perfect Killer takes out a mushroom and eats it…You know what is coming now.


SUPER MARCUS HAS ARRIVED! Now he is twice as big and more powerful!

But his celebration is short lived because the Zorudia´s Forces have other surprise for him!


The Monster Hunter guy (Maybe...) on His Rajang Form appears and attacks him!

On the distance. Zerig is watching how his Emperor is struggling. But there are other things that has his mind occupied…

Inside that giant Ship Station…

There are people in there…

People who needs them…

And they have to rescue them!


The 151 Pocket Monks.

End of the Chapters.

My Impressions.

Awesome chapters! Full of action! Man for both sides the things are looking grim! Gear and his team against the Pirates are truly being defeated; Marcus and Zerig can´t keep at bay the Zorudia´s Forces. And now we know that they also want to rescue the Pocket Monks!


At the same time. I think that in the end Crystal and Myomuto won´t be fighting…I think that Myomuto will kill that evil guy and help Crystal to gain her kingdom back!

On Any case. The things are going to be full of adrenaline now!

Anyway My two cents. See Ya next time and happy reading!