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Chapter 16: Fire & Flower.


After the defeat of Guriji, It is time that the Emperor Himself comes and rescue his Castle! So Marx Will start kicking some ZorudianĀ“s!

The Leader of Zorudia order to his forces to attack him but he with only one move dispatch them!

Now the ZorudiaĀ“s Leader know why Marx is called ā€œThe Perfect Assasinā€.


Of Course, there is one who was able to resist and repel the powerful attack of Marx. IĀ“m talking about someone who looked how his country was getting drowned on the war and how was decived by both Nintenrudo and Segua. And for that, he hates them! I am talking about Toro/Taro! He will be the one who will Face the Mighty NintenrudoĀ“s Emperor!

At the same time Zerig is protecting his part of the Castle! A lot of those killing machines goes against him and his men, but while he isnĀ“t so strong as Marx tot ake the battle in front. He is smarter than anyone on Nintenrudo, and thanks to that in tellect, he destroyed the enemy!


It Looked like he had the situation under control, since he dispatche a lot of those machines and was ready to keep doing it. Until his men notice something...

An air slash comes at him!, Zerig is able to block it. But that technique it could only comes from one person... The things are looking bad! Since that person Is...






Crystal! (Final Fantasy) The Queen of her own kingdom! Someone who some time ago fighted alongside Nintenrudo, but now her loyalty is with Zorudia!

Crystal Greets Zerig and gives him a small talk. She is ready to Attack!. Still Zerig it looked like he contemplated the fact that she might appear, so he prepared something just in case for that!

A Roc Rider has come and blocks the attack of Crystal!


Myomuto (Dragon Quest) Has arrived! The true Hero of Consume it`s Here in order to fight Crystal!... It is also worth nothing that both of them are more or less rivals, although Crystal loves him and have some...Wet dreams about him and her.

Chapter 17: Gasufade Pirates.


The Encounter between Crystal and Myomuto is sudden. Both of them have decided to leave the place and settle things elsewhere... Either with fighting or kissing. Whatever. The point is that they are going to be alone in another place.

So Now Zerig has taken care of a menace that could cause problems for Nintenrudo. Zerig now has to confront the machines!


Meanwhile elsewhere.

Gear, Saroid, Carbai, RaraRoro and the dude who won the E3 Tournament are going to confront the Pirates that were waiting for the war to invade the NintenrudoĀ“s territory in order to make dissarray and take control over the land!

A Big Pirate comes in and attack both of Gear and Saroid, but our heroes are strong!


And they Quickly defeat him.

Gear have confidence that this guys are truly small fry, and it will be an easy job to do.


But the Pirate leader is not so sure about that.

He tells him about their secret weapon, one that every respectable Pirate must have...The Nintenrudo forces faced it one time, and even Gear did when he fought Kong Jr (Donkey Kong Jr)...


... The Power to Copy. Although in that time Kong only made a copy from himself. But that is not thinking with an open mind! No!

Why do you want to make another you?...When you can make you in anybody else!

The Pirates activate the power of their copy weapon on themselves!


The Pirates have become in perfect copies of Myomuto (Dragon Quest), Tejirof (Tetris) and Marx(Mario)!!

Now Gear and the rest of the group must have face the powers of the most powerful Assasins in all of the land of Consume!


At the same time, The pirate that Carbai and Rararoro where facing have become in the Space Invaders!

Chapter 18: PandoraĀ“s Battery


Gear DoesnĀ“t know how they will defeat the pirates now! Since they have to fight now against the most powerful Assasins in all of the Consume!

meanwhile Carbai(Kirby) and Rararoro (Fololo and Falala from KirbyĀ“s Series) Will have to face the Space Invader impersonator!

Rararoro prepares her technique, which is a defensive one where a person is traped in a Egg like force field, covering from any attack. In that way Carbai will be able to concentrate only in the fighting!


Carbai goes to attack but with a Sigle Shot of the Space InvaderĀ“s Impersonator, the force field is destroyed and quickly the Pirate attacks again!

Carbai is Injured and Rararoro is concerned for her safety! Still Carbai is not yet defeated!


Carbai has discovered that the shots that the Space InvaderĀ“s Impersonator only goes in one direction, in front of him. So she has a plan!...She has learned a lot from her mentor, Zerig, it seems.

The Pirate attacks again and Carbai makes a big jump on the last second. She is ready to attack the son of a mommy and a daddy!


What Carbai DidinĀ“t knew was that he has some invicible protective barriers surrounding him. Now the Pirate intercepts witht hat the attack And...

Blood Comes out...

Chapter 19: One Laboratory.


The Nintenrudo Forces canĀ“t do much against the Pirates!

Gear and Saroid are the only ones on foot now. The pirate leader is quite sure that they will be defeated soon. Since with the powers of the most powerful Consume Assasins, they are invincible!

Carbai is unconscious after the attack made by the Pirate. The Space InvaderĀ“s Impersonator goes to the Kill and Attacks them!


But Rararoro has made barrier surrounding them in order to protect Carbai from the attacks of the enemy.

Rararoro is decided on protect her now...She wonĀ“t fail her again!


Some time ago...In a [Hal] Laboratory...The experiment they were making is very promising...They are creating an Artificial Assasin.

And She is ready to come out.

That Artificial Assasin, that Artificial Human Being is...Carbai.

Rararoro has ben designated to be the own in charge of her and to investigate her, what are her powers? Could she be useful for their intentions? All of those things in order to complete the Experiment.


Rararoro starts talking to her as a Friend..Or let us say, a Mother. She quickly notices that Carbai eats a lot...And i mean a lot! Still, her heart is pure.

Soon she gives her report of her first discoverings about the Study Subject. It looks like Carbai can Copy everything to perfection. If she see something, she can copy it!


Rararoro is quite happy for Carbai and she showed them that hability to the higher ups.

Her Higher Ups mocks her and Scold her. She is acting more as a Mom, rather than a Scientific with the subjects. She must encounter her usefulnes in Battle, she is an Assasin after all...That kind of hability is useless for what they want.

Someone so pacific, so calm and gentle wonĀ“t work out in this land of Consume, where the Assasins are Warriors!


Later Rararoro starts telling her to Carbai about that...But she is impressed by something. Carbai has said her first words, and she loves Rararoro as a Mother.

Rararoro has decided that she will raise Carbai and wonĀ“t listen to those greedy for power Higher Ups!


Chapter 20: Compromises.

Some time later. Rararoro is surprised with a notice. the Carbai Project has shattered to pieces, the [Hal] Laboratories have to abandon the project.


What it will be of Carbai then?!

She will be locked in a room until they decide what to do with her. Rararoro has to leave the project and will be sent elsewhere to start another one. It doesnĀ“t matter if she were attached to it. It has to go.


Rararoro has come to give to Carbai the sad news. That litle Girl barely can talk, but she is happy with Rararoro.

Rararoro tries to give her the news. Carbai notes that Rararoro is sad.


So She decides to use her Copy hability in order to cheer her up! She is able to copy all of the animals in her book!

That only makes Rararoro even sadder.

Rararoro, drowned in tears, tells her the sad News. That she will no longer be with her, and that she will never see the light again... Trapped on that room... Forever.


Carbai starts Crying.

A life of lonelines will come for Carbai, even though she did nothing wrong... But some times the companies have to do Compromises if they wanna stay in the business, and high Risk Projects are not always the best, specially if the Higher ups doesnĀ“t have much faith in the Project. A sad reality...


Sometime later.

In The Castle of Nintenrudo, It looks like a powerful General has noticed about what was of that Project...And is interested in It.

That General is the one who the people call ā€œThe Man who can solve any Riddleā€.


Zerig (The Legend of Zelda) has decided to take Carbai under his Care!

End of the Chapters.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapters! Full of action! Also the past of Carbai is truly interesting and full of feels, but it couldnĀ“t come in a worst time! I mean, i was all excited to know what will happen on the battle against the pirates and then the thematic changes drastically!


Also i would like to know what will happen on the Siege of NintenrudoĀ“s Castle. Specially on the battle between Marx and Toro/Taro!

Anyway. My two cents. So See ya Next time and Happy reading!