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Chapter 12: Ladies, Start your Engines!


The chapter starts with the ambulances, the bike has been retrieved and both Yuri and Megumi has been taken to the hospital, none of the other girls or Mutsuki know how they are, all of them are worried; but still, the race has to continue and so do all the other girls will keep competing trying to get their best times!

Meanwhile Yuri is holding a cold bag on her head, while Megumi is inside with the doctor, the news team crew has come and all of them are worried about Megumi´s wellbeing. 


Megumi comes out and Yuri quickly hugs her and says that she was worried sick, still it seems that Megumi didn´t broke her leg; but her ankle tendon is damaged, Megumi says it’s no biggie; but Yuri shows that isn’t the case! After that they are wondering if they should continue the racing, in any case after that they go back to where the race is and they get the notice that they have reached in last place.

In that place, The Coach then says his idea which is that these girls should keep on continuing racing; but they should change places, Megumi will drive while Yuri will be the passenger! For most people that sounds like crazy, still He and Mutsuki has got the permission of the officials for such change and some changes to the bike in order to help Megumi with her left feet, the girls aren´t so sure about such suggestion since they are injured and demoralized. The coach scolds them and tells them if their dream wasn´t on going to the Isle of Man then?! The Girls try to answer; but their words reaches deaf ears, the Coach just go while basically saying that they are free to do whatever they want. On the distance Betty is looking at the whole scene with an angry face. Our girls try to compete; but they aren´t doing a great job… 


The evening came and the Girls went to bath, everyone wonders if Megumi is alright, she says she is and besides the hot springs will make a good effect on her injury! At the same time the girls say that they won´t hold back just because Megumi is injured! Megumi just says that bring it on!

Meanwhile Betty is with her Sister and they talk a little about the place, and Betty says that before in that place there were 2 rings; but now there is one… Obviously she is having doubts about her relationship with the Coach.

Back with our Girls, both Yuri and Megumi seems to not to want to go to sleep; they try to do the chores; but their mothers decides forces them to go to bed and have a nice sleeping night. On their rooms, both girls put away the Berchuall Sisters poster. 


The next morning comes and our girls find Mutsuki sleeping on the bike she passed all the night doing some other modifications on her own for the bike, she has added a new brake form that can help them, one that the cars use!

The race is about to start and Betty tells her fiancée that he is cruel, forcing the girls on going…One can see that some distance has grown on them.


The race start and quickly our Miyakejima girls are falling behind the other competitors! Megumi is not used to drive while Yuri is not used to face the whole G force on her body! While they continue (alongside some little fan service with some “interesting” angle points and a little moaning from both girls) the memories of everything that has happened and the situation where they are start hurting them. 

While being on the last place, a rain starts and both girls stop themselves, they just doesn´t see the pint in all of this, they just hate everything now…They can´t win, they are too out of their comfort zone, their desire to win has fade away…And all it´s thanks to the Coach and the fact that he brought that Woman with him! A beautiful and talented woman whom there is no way in hell they could even compete!


Yuri interrupts Megumi and says that maybe Betty has a good body; but she is prettier than her! Witht hat both girls start arguing with each other, about why they didn´t said anything to the Coach when it was their chance? Why they never confessed their feelings? Why the other was just putting in the way of their love and why they were trying to not to hurt the other!

The thing escalates and Yuri start pushing Megumi who push her back, the pushes becomes slaps, and those become punches; Yuri puts her own body above Megumi and starts bitch slapping her without Mercy! Megumi takes a little chance and head-butts her! Both girls start grabbing each other by the hair and Yuri yells that she hates Megumi! Megumi responds saying that she hates her back! 


Yuri stops and asks if it´s true? That she hates her? Megumi asks her back in what she said was serious? Yuri asks Megumi how it was with them? Before all this Coach thing started? Yuri says that she enjoyed racing, Megumi says that too; but also she enjoyed racing with Yuri, Yuri says it’s the same case for her, she enjoyed racing with Megumi… Both girls make amends and are ready to keep going on the race.

Meanwhile the other girls are in a line due to the rain, the security car is up ahead and now that the rain has stopped they can continue, although the security car has to leave the place first. Suddenly, from behind Our Heroines are coming at full speed! While they are running they start remembering the good times they had together! How good friends they are! Megumi knows how Yuri Drives so she has only do it like her and Yuri knows how Megumi moves her body and she only has to imitate! Both girls are in perfect sync and ready to give their all! 


The car goes out of the way and quickly Our girls start passing all the others! Their last opponent is the duo made by Chiyuki and Misaki! They are really close to on another! The people starts going crazy, the teacher and Mutsuki are hyped and are screaming in excitement for our Heroines! They are able to win by a nose!

The celebration is big and our Girls are happy and with a bond stronger than ever! There is no way a Man could separate them like that anymore! 


After the race, the girls are awaiting for the coach and just says “Thanks and Good Bye” they have given up on him, Betty can keep him, there are a lot of men in the world and they will surely find a better one anyway… Of course one for Yuri and one for Megumi. They start joking by saying the perplexed face that the Coach will have when they get that little vengeance on him by just saying “Thanks and Good Bye”. Suddenly the Coach and Betty comes around; before saying anything Betty goes with him a little farther…

The couple starts talking and Betty says that she though that the Coach was someone completely different, she though he understood her; the Coach says that he likes to think he does… Betty says that yes, he understands her as a driver; but as a Woman? A Life- partner? Coach says that well he is A man and he thinks so?... Betty says that she is a Woman, and a Woman needs a Man, not a Boy in the body of a Man and quickly throws the ring, she says her good byes to Tanahashi and leaves.

Just as Tanahashi, Yuri and Megumi are perplexed for what has happened, still Tanahashi goes with them and ask them what did they wanted to say to him? It seems the girls will stick to the plan and will keep going as planned, with Betty or without her.


Both Yuri and Megumi start saying “Thank you and Goo-“; but Yuri changes middle way and says that she hopes to see him again! That they will go to England and that she will make sure to heal his wounded heart, since she know that the Coach is not a Bike Otaku; but a REAL Man!! Megumi interrupts and start saying that wasn´t part of the plan! The plan was to give up on him and start searching for boyfriends! Yuri says that she doesn´t remember anything of such imaginary plans and whatnot! She can go if she wants; but she has the coach! Both girls start arguing in front of the coach because both wants to confess their feelings to the coach!

Meanwhile Mutsuki, the teacher and the news team girls are watching that scene and says that they went back to being love rivals, huh? 


A little time later, Mutsuki is with the news girls and ask them if they would like to join the Side Car Bike Club? The news girls says that well… They already are part of a club, so… Still Mutsuki begs them because when Yuri and Megumi graduates she will be the only member and the club would be disbanded! So please help her!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

So we are here at the end of the line! We have passed all the laps and have reached the finish line on first place! But did Two Car did it too? Well that´s a little hard to say; but first let me say what I have to say about this chapter.


The Race was hype as heck! Truly loved everything! Also the fight between Yuri and Megumi was quite well done, It impressed me how the flow of it went, at the same time the character development on both girls was quite well done and how they confronted their feelings toward the coach.

At the same time, I didn´t liked that Betty decided to leave the Coach, especially at the first sign of problems since she didn´t liked the tip or how obstinate he was that both Yuri and Megumi should keep racing, of course we don´t know If they have had another problems as a couple behind the camera, still for what I saw it seems that the love and patience Betty had for the Coach was truly not so big, an understandable thing since it seems that the Coach keeps being a racing Otaku and in the eyes of a lot of people (since that attitude of him never went through the whole series, at least for me) he is just a boy in an adult´s body.

One thing that I didn´t liked was that the ending was just a return to the status Quo, with both Yuri and Megumi fighting over him all over again, I mean it was funny; but No, just a return of a Status Quo did not make much for me.


On the epilogue I liked how it seems now that the club might get disbanded because there would be no more people.

Now on the series in General, Well… I enjoyed it; but it was not in the slightest what I was expecting from this anime, nor it surpassed my expectation after seeing the first chapter, I mean the main story (which it could be concentrated on the chapters 1, 10,11 and 12) took too long to drive off and start getting good, the secondary stories (the ones centered on the other girls) had their interesting moments; but where nothing to brag about in a lot of ways, while at the same time the lack of true races until chapter 10 was something that truly hurt the series on my eyes, like Ok, you can put all the dramas you want, you can put all this different angles; but if you want a series about racing (or any other kind of hobbies or sports) feel like a true racing series and not just a gimmick, you have to put that front and center! If not the interested people on seeing the anime because they like the hobby that it is put on the center, it has to be well exposed and not on a superficial level… Like I think this series did for the most part.

Still, the good parts of the series where really good, and the final chapters where something else! I liked the character design and Megumi- Yuri duo is one of the most well balanced and most likeable pairs I have seen this year! My favorite is Megumi BTW; so yeah… Maybe Two Car didn´t finished the race on the first place; but it was able to finish it in a good place and with a satisfactory ending!


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!