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Chapter 9: Mad Saturday


The chapter starts, in the middle of the night, the news team has gathered… They are preparing the big and hype trailer for the upcoming race that it is about to begin!

A quick presentation of every team alongside some quick synopsis is made, it featured lightly the little drama concerning some teams like the Suzuka Girl´s Academy (Chiyuki and Mizaki); the one with Tsukuba Girl´s High School (Izumi and Nagisa) or the one with Motegi Girl´s High School (Maria and Yuria)… We also saw a little of the other teams, and included some of Yuri and Megumi and a liiitle of their whole debacle between them. Anyway, the race is coming, the girls are fired up and everyone is ready to give their all on the race!!


Now that all of the “professional” work is done...It is time to do their passion project! A short documentary for the cultural festival! The theme is… The love triangle between Yuri, Megumi and the Coach Tanahashi! The “Rhapsody of Love and Recollection”.

Now it begins the documentary checking the whole problems of two childhood friends separated by a single man, and the fight for his heart at the stake!... Of course all of this with the “glorious” dub of Ai and Nene, who are saying things like (not exactly; but yeah…):

<<<You better get away of Muh Man!>>>

<<<Oh yeah?! Well this Kitty has Claws!>>>

<<<Coach is going to marry me and you can´t do anything to avoid it!>>>

<<<Marry You?! He is going with me! He only used you to satisfy his lust!>>>



Anyway, meanwhile the true Megumi and Yuri are nervous and can´t sleep, the race will be in a few days, the big day! And if they win they will go to England and will see the Coach. Yuri start saying that she will win and she will go to England and will watch him again; Megumi asks her if she knows that if she wins therefore Megumi will also win and both will go to England? Yuri looked like she truly forgot that.

In any case, Megumi asks Yuri what was she doing in front of the tree that day? The one before Coach was leaving… After arguing a little both Yuri and Megumi just says that they wanted to wish him good luck, a simple lie to not to confront their own hearts and expose their true feelings.

In any case, they start saying that… If they win, No… When they win, and go to England… What about it? Maybe… The coach won´t ever recognize them nor he is going to look at them, So…Yeah, what will happen if they see him? How will Yuri or Megumi will act when the time comes and they see him? What is their true purpose behind their desire to see him again? Soon enough they realize that this whole thing, this mess, is nothing but a tantrum and a feeble dream, one that can´t be obtained… 


Back with the Documentary, the girls have already finished with their super amazing dub and… All the girls (except Yuri and Megumi) were watching since the beginning…Now they know the true! The fact that they are fighting is because they love the same man! Something truly painful, Yuria and Maria know of that pain.

Kanae then says that this might be dangerous! Because if they arguments keep increasing –and they will- one could grab a knife and kill the other and start a killing spree! Something like <<<If I can´t have him then no one else will!>>> So now all the girls are riding that wave; the lives of both Megumi and Yuri are in danger and they will save them from themselves!


Back from Yuri and Megumi, they are saying that they are tired… Of all of this, of fighting with the one who used to be her best friend, of fighting and arguing about anything and everything, of the pain in their chest when they know that they are searching for the same man and that at the same time hurt a dear friend of them; they want to get along, to be friends again, they were about to hold hands in a sign of reconciliation until the other girls comes, grabs them and try to separate them saying:

<<<There is no need to fight for a man! You will surely find a better one!>>>

<<<Her only Sin was to love the same man as you! Please don´t do anything that both will regret later!>>>


Obviously our Girls here doesn´t know what is truly happening.

Later, and after everything was explained to them, Both Yuri and Megumi are watching the news team with angry eyes and ask…No, demand that such “documentary” be erased from existence! Now!


The next day, the girls are enjoying of the festival that happens before the big race, a little relaxation for them before the big race comes! Suddenly one of the girls comes and says that international competitors have come in order to see the race! And between them there are the Birtuall Sisters, the ones who won the past Isle of Man TT! The strongest rival!

All the girls started going towards where such celebrities are…It´s time to get sum autographs!

Suddenly the trailer starts airing and… It was not the trailer; but rather the documentary. Both Yuri and Megumi start saying that this thing should be put off! It seems a mistake happened and it was given a wrong video.


Anyway, in the middle of this they hear a familiar sound…A man has greet our heroes and says that they haven´t changed…

Coach Tanahashi has come!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh boy! This Chapter was waaay better and waaay more enjoyable than it had any right to be! I mean it was mostly a recap chapter, still the twist it gave with the bad dub and all make the whole thing truly funny, I was laughing my ass off watching the whole movie! Heh I could say that if an “abridged” series happens it would surely make me laugh as well!


Still laughs and memories weren´t the only thing that this chapter had to offer; but also it sort of covered us for the final arc, the big race and the end of Megumi and Yuri´s rivalry! I mean they finally started to be honest with each other, they miss being friends and getting along, they are tired of fighting over anything and everything; plus they are starting to see the reality, that yes, if they win they will go to England to participate and might as well see (and face on the race) their coach; but after all of that happens… What will be next? Nothing will change, they won´t convince him to going back to Japan and give up his dream in order to be awaiting for one of these girls to be “legal” and marry her, nor Megumi or Yuri will leave their house, their education, their friends, their parents and everything they have in order to stay with the Coach… They are realizing that their reason to wanting to win in order to attain an unreachable dream it´s… Dumb. Still, they want to Win and face the international racers; but maybe they don´t want to do it because they want to reunite with someone; but rather…Because they want to race, face, and even win against those other amazing racers around the world!

Finally, the chapter left us with a Bomb…Because we saw a Man´s face! And the one of Coach Tanahashi! I mean, one thing I liked about this series was how ina way trolled everyone since some people (I won´t say a lot, or anything) expected this series to be a Yuri… But no, it wasn´t, still the face of a man were a rare sight, so yeah… It was funny and unexpected to see, now that the big race will begin, the face of Coach Tanahashi.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!